Who is IShowSpeed: His Biography, Family, Career, Relationship, Real Name

Biography of IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed ​​​​was born on January 21, 2005, and he will be 17 years old in 2022. He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, US. He presently lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. Speed ​​is a citizen of the USA. He professes the Christian faith.

IShowSpeed’s alma mater looks like this. IShowSpeed received his early education at a local primary school. IShowSpeed then went to the local high school. He later dropped out. It is not sure whether he is still studying there or not.

What is The Real Name of Ishowspeed?

Ishowspeed is the name of his online role that he uses whenever he appears in any video or interviews online.

Although he sometimes refers to “Speedy” or “Speed”, as Zimbabwean-British comedian Munya Chawawa called him during The Sidemen’s charity football match in September 2022.

Ishowspeed’s Real name is Darren Watkins Jr.

Ishowspeed's Real name is Darren Watkins Jr.

Since Ishowspeed chose to keep his family names private, we can only assume that he was named after his dad or grandparent because of the “Jr” suffix in his name.

Personality, Physical Appearance, Height, and Weight of Ishowspeed

Height is an important factor that determines a person’s character. As a social media celebrity, Ishowspeed is always in the limelight. People are always surprised to know the personal details of their favorite celebrities. As for Ishowspeed, he is 5’9″ tall, weighs about 68 kg, and has dark brown eyes.

Ishowspeed Personal Info and Early life

Darren Watkins was born on 21 January 2005 in Ohio, USA. He spent most of his childhood in his hometown. Darren has been fascinated by YouTube and video games since childhood.

Darren Watkins is now enrolled in his second year of high school. Darren decided not to attend college and instead focus on his YouTube channel. Darren is considering dropping out of school.

Darren believes that school will take up a significant amount of time. Therefore, he is leaving and focusing on his YouTube channel to gain more recognition.

How did IShowSpeed ​​Become Successful?

Before YouTube, Speed ​​worked in a nursing home and delivered food to the elderly, he only got on YouTube because he was bored during the 2020 lockdown.

After his channel developed a huge success, he never looked back.

This YouTuber started gaining a following when he started making videos on NBA2k20 and NBA2k21, as he was one of the few people who made quality streams about basketball games.

IShowSpeed ​​even mentioned some tips for new content creators that mention how important it is to be different and know what your strengths are.

Speed ​​took this idea of ​​a unique style to the next level as his videos got weirder and more ridiculous and his following got bigger and bigger.

Much of his following has come from TikTok as other users are constantly reposting his twitch and youtube streams all over the platform.

The YouTube celeb is often seen screaming and breaking things while making absurd faces when he loses a game. His latest obsession was football and Fifa, more specifically Cristiano Ronaldo.

Darren Watkins has certainly been through hell to date and his career will be one to watch for years to come.

What is IShowSpeed’s YouTube Strategy?

IShowSpeed’s YouTube Strategy

People familiar with the digital world know that success on YouTube does not happen by accident.

iShowSpeed ​​has a great strategy that works for it. His streams are long yet engaging.

He takes a very energetic approach to his streams and often begins by recognizing live viewers.

This helps them know that his streams are not pre-recorded, which increases live chat engagement.

This way, YouTube gets the idea that when people interact with its streams, it must be doing something awesome.

That’s why they kept showing his streams to more and more people until he became the famous guy he is today.

Additionally, much of its content is highly controversial. He uses too many swear words. It can be described as a child creating certain content that is not intended for children.

After all, this strategy works for him because it gets people talking and news sites writing about him.

Why Was IShowSpeed ​​Arrested?

While streaming on August 8, 2022, IShowSpeed’s house was raided by a group of Cincinnati police officers after police received an anonymous tip identifying him as a threat. For the uninitiated, the Oxford meaning of swatting is “the action or practice of making a false call to the emergency services in an attempt to secure the dispatch of a huge number of armed police officers to a specific address”.

Unaware of what was going on, the YouTuber said in disbelief:

“Oh, my god bro! I swear I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do s**t. Oh my god!”

The entire act was captured by the person behind the camera and the entire ordeal was recorded until he was told to stop. After this surfaced online, the young YouTuber received a lot of support from his younger audience who hoped the YouTuber was doing well.

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2022

Darren Watkins Jr. also known as IShowSpeed ​​​​is an American streamer, rapper, social media influencer YouTuber, and content creator. IShowSpeed’s net worth is $1 million. He has amassed his net worth through his career as a social media influencer, streamer, and content creator. Apart from that, he also earns through his brand endorsements, commercial appearances, and other side gigs. He had a breakthrough after he started streaming on Twitch.

He has gained fame since the start of NBA 2K18 streaming. Darren Watkins Jr. primarily streamed on Twitch and finally started streaming on YouTube as well. He ended up gaining a huge following on social media. He has more than 8.8 million subscribers on YouTube and amasses a total of 601 million views.

Ishowspeed Social Media Profile

Darren has two Instagram accounts called IShowSpeed ​​​​and IShowSpeedy with 2.4 and 127 thousand followers. He was banned from Twitch for controversial sexist comments. He is also active on Snapchat, where he has 88,100 subscribers. On YouTube, Darren has three channels named IShowSpeed, Live Speedy, and Speedy Boykins with 8.81 million, 2.25 million, and 542 thousand followers respectively.

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Facts about Ishowspeed

  • A friend encouraged Darren to start making YouTube videos. Ironically, his friend gave up, but he persevered and made significant progress.
  • He is physically fit and attends the gym.
  • He has over 170 thousand followers on Twitch.
  • Currently lives in Los Angeles, California.
  • Darrenwatkins1 is his Snapchat handle.
  • [email protected] is his email address.
  • Basketball is his favorite sport and he even played 1v1 against YouTubers like FaZe Rug.
  • He publishes photos on his Instagram account, which has over 470 thousand followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Old is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed is 17 years old.

Q. Why do they call it IShowSpeed?

Darren’s YouTube subscribers grew from 20k to 1 million in just 3.5 months. Ishowspeed’s YouTube channel exceeded 1 million subscribers. Speed, it’s because I’m Speed, he replied, mentioning his identity.

Q. What is Darren Watkins ​​doing now?

Darren Watkins is presently focusing on his music videos. In addition, he tries to create some unique videos to gain popularity and increase his wealth.

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