5 Ways to Whiten Your Smile Naturally

Your smile says a lot about you, which is why so many people try to keep their teeth as white as possible with Oral B whitening strips. Besides just looking better, whiter teeth can help you feel more confident and put your best face forward when meeting someone new or at a job interview. 

Having a bright white smile can give you more confidence, make you seem more intelligent, and help you land the career of your dreams. But if you don’t have access to pricey whitening trays or can’t afford the cost of professional teeth whitening, you might wonder how you can naturally whiten your smile. Fortunately, there are several safe and effective ways to whiten your teeth at home that are both affordable and easy to do! Here are 5 natural ways to whiten your smile today!

1) Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common household item that can be used for many things, including whitening your teeth. Just make a paste with baking soda and water and brush your teeth with it. You can also use baking soda on its own by wetting your toothbrush and dipping it in the baking soda. Be sure to rinse well afterward.

2) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice also has natural bleaching properties and should not harm enamel if applied correctly. Make sure you rinse it off thoroughly after use or it may cause sensitivity to toothpaste or other products in the future. Salt: For those who drink tea regularly, the tannins in tea leaves have been known to cause tooth discoloration over time. A simple way to remedy this is by rinsing with a mixture of salt and water before brushing your teeth after drinking tea or coffee. Lemons are not only a great source of Vitamin C, but they can also help whiten your teeth! Simply rub a lemon wedge on your teeth for a minute or two, then brush as usual. You can do this once or twice a week for the best results.

3) Hydrogen Peroxide

You can find hydrogen peroxide at any drug store, and it’s an effective way to whiten your teeth. Simply mix together equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water, and swish the mixture around in your mouth for one minute. Spit it out and rinse your mouth with water. You can do this once or twice a day until you see results.

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4) Strawberries and Sugar

Sugar is a natural bleaching agent and can be used to remove surface stains from teeth. To use this method, simply rub a strawberry on your teeth for two minutes. Rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth as usual. You can do this once a week for the best results. The color of the strawberries will depend on how dark the stains are. 

5) Oatmeal

Oatmeal is not just for breakfast anymore! This natural cleanser can also be used to help remove stains from your teeth. Simply make a paste out of oatmeal and water and brush it onto your teeth. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it with water. You should see results after just a few uses!

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