5 Reasons 14k White Gold Women’s Wedding Bands Are Sought After

14k White Gold Women’s Wedding Bands are the new kryptonite to new weds and have become sought after. Their massive popularity in weddings is apparent, as they have numerous upsides that resonate with the entire marriage facet. Men also have a fair share of the deluxe as manufacturers equally prioritize their production. If it’s merely your first time putting your hands on 14k white gold, you’d agree that these pieces are a perfect resonance to weddings. Here are the reasons 14k White Gold Women’s Wedding Bands are becoming increasingly sought-after.

1. It’s Beautiful and Perfectly Glossy

Unlike 18k white gold, 14k white gold doesn’t have a marginal yellow tinge. That makes this material incredibly appealing to the eye, especially when they stage against some light. They usually appear glossy and eye-catching, making them eye candy for new weds. And since every moment in weddings is about celebrating and creating memories, it makes 14k White Gold Wedding Bands an ideal fit. They quickly take up the gloss from the snow-white wedding dresses and create a seamless harmony of colors.

Beautiful and Perfectly Glossy

2. You Can Easily Customize It

Unlike other flashy wedding band materials like platinum or diamond, customizing 14k white gold isn’t some legwork. They’re easily malleable, and you can customize them to your liking before gracing the most significant moment of your life. With this gold, you can create custom shapes, striations, and curations that appeal to the masses or fit your fashion taste. Whether you want to make them more flowery, engrave your names or customize them to the theme, it’s achievable.

3. It’s Robust and Durable

14k white gold is long-lasting and strong enough to resist the sheer everyday force despite being easily malleable. It doesn’t scratch easily and doesn’t face colors like other materials. If your band has a custom rhodium coating, you won’t have to dip it since it’s incredibly durable.

4. A Flawless Depiction of Class

Of course, diamond and platinum-coated wedding bands are good enough to start conversations. However, 14k white gold bands have their unrivaled finesse and track in their lane as far as depicting class. Despite being more affordable, they help bolster your class, and people will undoubtedly talk about it for a long time. 14k white gold gives your wedding a drip of fashion and style, and tagging it along should elevate your class.

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5. It’s More Affordable

Unlike platinum and yellow gold, 14k white gold women’s wedding bands are pretty affordable and go easy on your budget. These bands cost about $180, while custom types may fetch marginally higher prices. That makes them cheaper than platinum or yellow gold wedding rings. Besides, they both serve the same caliber, depicting your class and deluxe almost as equally. If you wish to break the bank for platinum or yellow gold wedding bands, that’s fine. But if you’re working on a budget, a 14k white gold women’s wedding band will do.


Weddings are exceptional, and it’s always in mind o create the most memorable memories. One way to achieve that as a woman is getting a 14k white gold women’s wedding band, and everything else will get sorted. Regardless, it’d help if you cherry-picked your band for a more comfortable and beautiful wedding wristwear.

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