Understanding When You Need Planning Permission for a Garage

Due to the need for additional storage space for various items, homeowners often have a garage built or convert their existing structures and space into a garage. Automobiles, sporting goods (balls, gloves, rackets, bats, etc.), wheelbarrows, lawnmowers, buckets, lawn chairs, holiday decorations, and outdoor tools (rakes, shovels, brooms, hoses, etc.) are among these random items. 

While many homeowners have garages without giving them much thought, there are some who understand the needs that must be met and build them for these reasons. This group of people select specialists like Humphreysandsons when they want to build a garage. Do you need planning permission for a garage? This is a common question among many people who are thinking about adding one to their homes. Enjoy reading as this article has been written to give you all the information you require.

What Is a Garage?

A garage is a building that is either attached to or separate from a house and is used to store various items like cars, containers, outdoor tools, sporting goods, and patio furniture. The word “garage” comes from the French word “garner,” which means shelter. A home’s garage performs a number of security, utility, and safety-related duties. These roles include storing vehicles, guarding them against property damage and theft, and providing weather protection. 

Garages do have some limitations. People sometimes store things like refrigerators, wooden furniture, cardboard, electronics, vinyl records, canned food, and dry goods in garages. These things should not be kept in a garage because they might get damaged there. In short, items that might be damaged by extremes in temperature or humidity or that could attract pests should not be kept in a garage. 

Planning permission for a garage may be required, but it depends on a number of factors. The next section goes over this in detail.

Do You Need Planning Permission for a Garage?

There are two possible responses to the question, “Do you need planning permission for a garage?” Both yes and no are possible when determining whether a garage requires a planning permit. These two responses depend on how big the garage is and how much land it occupies. The answer is divided into two categories—garages that require planning permission and those that do not—for the sake of clarity. 

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Garages That Can Be Built Without Planning Permission

While regulations on planning permission for a garage can vary by country and municipality, we will focus on the UK. Garages that do not require planning permission to build include the following types. 

  • Purchased pre-built garages because they are legal under the law 
  • Garages that do not take up more than half of the land surrounding the original property
  • Garages that do not rise higher than 4 meters
  • Unless you live in an estate with garage building restrictions, a garage conversion does not require planning permission.
  • A sectional garage made of concrete that is no taller than 4 meters

Garages That Require Planning Permission

The following garages require planning permission for a garage in order to be built. 

  • Any garage that is 4 meters or higher
  • A garage that takes up more than half of the property
  • Most of the time, double garages are significantly larger than standard garages and call for planning permission.

Concluding Thoughts on Planning Permission for a Garage

In a nutshell, the size, location, and height of the garage all affect whether or not planning permission is required to build one. The particular regulations of your municipality may also impact requirements for planning permission for a garage.

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