What Should You Do In Case Of A Flat Tire On A Deserted Road?

It has often been the experience with almost everyone that you are on a road trip with your friends or family, driving on a long deserted road, enjoying the vibe and the weather, but this pleasant journey turns into a nightmare when your vehicle tire gets punctured in the middle of the road. 

Of course, you will replace the punctured tire with a spare one. But what if you can’t find the spare tire when you open the trunk? Or you find a tire but find it difficult to change. And you are stuck in a deserted place where no one is around to help you; then you get more upset. If you are seeking a solution to get out of such a situation immediately, we will give you some easy tips that will help you deal with such an emergency.  

Park the car on the side of the road.

If your car breaks down in the middle of the way, park it on the side of the road, not in the middle. Doing this can make space for moving vehicles and avoid jamming the road. At the same time, there is also a chance of a road accident because of the car deviation somewhere in the middle of the road. You can also contact towing service; they can help you by taking your car to a repair shop or service center where you can get it fixed. Or if you are far away from the market area then try to locate the nearest place where you can safely park your car and get the needful without any delay. 

Always keep an emergency kit in your car.

We must always keep an emergency kit in case the vehicle for an emergency. An emergency kit should have first aid, non-perishable food, water, pain killers, scissors, and necessary tools. At the same time, you should also keep a rope in your car in case you manage to find a vehicle that is ready to help you by pulling or towing your car; the rope will come in handy in such a situation. Till then, you can take care of yourself with the help of the kit until help arrives.

Leave the Hazard lights of the car on.

If you want to stop the car on the road, then you must do it by leaving your Hazard lights on. The biggest advantage of this is that other drivers will be able to spot you by seeing your vehicle’s lights and will move accordingly by diverting their direction to avoid any mishap. This will save both you and the other driver from road accidents and stay safe from road accidents. Also, always keep the car bonnet open so that any truck or vehicle coming for help can see you. Follow these similar steps, even if you are driving a two-wheeler or any other vehicle.

Seek Roadside Assistance

After the breakdown of the car, if it is already very late and still you cannot find or get any kind of help, then various companies provide roadside assistance. In such a situation, use it. But if you are in a location where you find it difficult to get roadside assistance, then you can do a Google search and search for the nearby Roadside Assistance facility or garages. They fix your vehicle on the spot, and if you are unable to fix the car, then they take it to the nearby repair shop. You can also call on the toll-free helpline number provided by the government; they will send you immediate help.

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The first thing we have to take care of is to stay safe during our drives; make sure you make an emergency contact list and save their numbers on your phone, so you can contact them and ask for help during such a situation. Apart from this, it will be better if you have a basic knowledge of cars, so you can deal with little issues by yourself. Apart from this, keep calm, follow the mentioned tips, and have a happy and safe journey.

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