What You Need To know About Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

If you are looking for a weight loss surgery option, you may be considering Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass. This is a weight loss surgery process that limits the size of your stomach moreover bypasses part of the intestinal tract. This leads to patients eating fewer portions and even feeling less hungry. They will therefore lose weight as time passes.

What exactly is the gastric sleeve?

When it comes to the gastric sleeve or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, this tends to be the world’s fastest-growing type of weight loss procedure. This surgery has become popular recently.

The gastric sleeve involves a simple but effective concept. The surgeon will access the abdomen laparoscopically and then make small incisions within the stomach. This will be along its length. They will remove around 80%, therefore, developing a smaller stomach. When gastric sleeve surgery has occurred, the food that you consume will still enter and also exit the stomach in the same place as it did before. The difference will be that you will have a stomach that is much smaller.

How can gastric sleeves aid one with losing weight?

Gastric sleeves can aid people in losing weight in the following ways:

·         It limits the capacity of the stomach by about 80%, therefore allowing you to only eat smaller quantities of food and also feel full faster.

·         It alters the balance of your hormones as well as proteins within the stomach. Ghrelin which is the hunger hormone will be removed leading to a change and also suppressing your appetite. Therefore gastric sleeve patients should lose weight fast after the gastric sleeve surgery.

You need to keep in mind that the weight loss will not be directly connected to the size of one’s remaining stomach. The alteration to gut hormones helps with weight loss whether one has a relatively “tight” or even “loose” sleeve.

Advantages of the surgery

·         You will not feel hungry often

·         There will be restricted portions

·         It is possible to have durable weight loss

·         Can help with other weight-related diseases by limiting them

Risks of the surgery

·         Ulcers can occur due to smoking and NSAID use

·         It is possible that stricture or also narrowing of the opening to one’s intestines can occur

·         Dumping syndrome can occur due to high sugar foods

·         Steatorrhea can happen because of high-fat foods

·         It is possible to have reactive hypoglycemia or even low blood sugar between your meals

·         Vitamin or mineral deficiency can occur by bypassing the intestines

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You can research the different places carrying out this surgery like BodyFree RNY gastric bypass surgery for instance. It is important to get this surgery from a good place so that it is successful. You should find out the credentials of the surgeon. Make sure you know what complications you can face if you undertake the surgery. It is better to do your research so that you end up with a surgeon who will help you out. The surgeon must be experienced when it comes to this surgery as well. 

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