What Is Half Rack Colocation (And Why Does It Matter?)

The United States is home to 3 million data centers, according to the United States Department of Energy. When you’re looking to make improvements in your office, you need to get your technology in order. 

Setting up your own personal data center lets you own your information, have access to it 24/7, can make your office more efficient, and allows you to expand your company however you’d like. You can also rent out space via colocation. 

A half-rack setup is one of the best ways that you can go about it. 

Keep reading to learn more about half rack colocation, its benefits, and how you can get the setup that you’re looking for. 

What Exactly is Half Rack Colocation?

First, you need to get to know half rack colocation and what it consists of. Colocation refers to the process of sharing data with another company or individuals. A half rack setup refers to a cabinet of space that gets upward of 20U.  

You can touch base with a company that can carve out however much space you need for the perfect data center setup. 

What Makes it So Beneficial?

For one, half rack colocation is an excellent way to take care of your data without having to spring for a full rack. It’s cost-effective when compared to full rack colocation, and gives you the best available security. 

You’ll be able to store your data in a way that makes sense for you, while also helping you to prevent breaches and cyber attacks. 

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How Can You Get the Right Half Rack Colocation Setup?

It’s important that you take the right steps for getting a quality half rack colocation setup. Touch base with a company that can provide options in the 20U and 22U variety. 

Look into the bandwidth that is suitable for your needs and that allows you to exchange information in a speedy and worthwhile manner. Ask what kind of server plans they provide and check around for the best rates in your city. 

Ask about the specifications related to the power, the exact dimensions of rack space, height, and other variables. Find out about their uptime rates and make sure that you’re choosing a company that is reliable. 

Consult with these professionals and find out about their redundancy measures, the type of backup power that they have in the event of an outage, and a number of other matters. 

Get the Colocation Data Center That You Need

If you’re interested in colocation of any variety, there are plenty of companies that you can speak with that’ll be glad to help you out. By looking into half rack options, you’ll get to appreciate the benefits listed above and will improve the way your company relates its most precious information. 

Take some time to contract with a company that can handle whatever subscription you’re looking into. Do your due diligence so that your data needs are addressed in a way that is useful to your company. 

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