What Is Content Marketing? Types Of Content Marketing

Content is like the heart of SEO as well as SMM because everything you see on any search engine website or any social media platform is content whether it is text, image, or video which is increasing the value of content marketing for all businesses. But first, we need to understand what content marketing is?

According To Wikipedia,

“Content Marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to bring profitable action to business”


There are three types of content marketing Text, Image, and Video a proper optimization of the contents of any webpage or any digital platform. It’s a part of digital marketing which is not a direct marketing technique but a strategic one in which all the content of any digital platform is to be optimized according to the platform guidelines. Now the question is What is meant by Digital Marketing.

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Now We Are Going To Learn How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy?

You should create content that will help in retaining customers also attracting new visitors, which can only be done when your content will seem valuable and relevant to your audience and your strategy should be consistent. Also, you have to change your strategy according to consumer behavior and their intensions of visiting your platform. You can also build your career in content marketing. Further knowledge to build What is a Career opportunity in Digital Marketing.

Things To Be Noted While Creating Your Strategy:

  • Audience Behavior: You should be aware of your audience’s behavior because their behavior will decide how much your content was influencing them so if your content is not getting much engagement means your audience’s behavior has been changed or your content is valuable but not relevant to them.
  • Content Assets: Try different content assets on your webpage including infographics, eBooks, and videos relevant to your content so that if the visitor is not a reader so he/she can watch videos or infographics and get information from them. A webpage should contain a complete mixture of content (text, images, videos) sequenced in a proper manner.
  • Non-Promotional: Your content should be non-promotional means when a person reads your article or watches your video he/she may get value from it how will they get value when you will provide them an answer to their question instead of explaining your brand or product features. Try to help out people with your content it will create goodwill in their eyes.
  • Be specific: While creating a blog or video for a particular topic or niche you should be specific about the topic, don’t try to relate other things with the topic or don’t try to give an explanation about other relatable items because it will divert your visitor to another niche which will make your content less valuable.

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Now The Thing Is How Many Types Of Content Are There?

There are varied types of Content Marketing:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Infographic / Image
  • Case Studies
  • E-Books
  • UGC (User Generated Content)
  • Memes
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • Presentation
  • Webinars
  • PDF
  • PPT

A Whole Content Marketing Strategy Should Be A Complete Mix Up Of All Four Main Types Of Content:

BLOGS: Having a blog on your site that compares your item and its market pulls in potential clients searching for the appropriate response your business comprehends. Blog entries improve SEO and can be a minimal-effort approach to support natural traffic.


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Why To Write Blogs?

  1. Will help in optimizing your content for SEO purpose.
  2. Website will be updated and fulfill the requirement of fresh content
  3. Increase site visits and authority of a domain.

Videos: Videos are more engaging and influencing in spite of articles or blogs. A video sees a name and permits a crowd of people to see the real idea of your business and offers. Individuals like purchasing from individuals. On the off chance that they believe in you that gigantically improves their probability to purchase from you. Video is one of the top shared bits of substance via web-based networking media.

Why To Create Videos?

  1. More engaging to your audience
  2. Take less time of users to understand about your offering
  3. Increase brand visibility among viewers.

Infographics: Graphics providing information is known as Infographics. This content is much popular among social media sites as well as educational sites. They’re splendid, outwardly spellbinding approaches to introducing details or procedures. Infographics are brisk and minimal-effort music to an advertiser’s ears. Making great infographics expect you to gather applicable information, compose convincing content, and present them in an effective and outwardly satisfying manner.


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Why To Use Infographics?

  1. Easy to read and also take less time in getting relevant information
  2. Can be used to generate inbound links as well as outbound links from other sites.
  3. Increases public engagement with the post on social media sites
  4. Increase the value of content creation

E-Books: E-books are a very common content type and play a very important role in content marketing strategy if you ever noticed why most marketers sell their eBooks for free? To increase their demand and reputation in the market they use the rule of free selling.


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Why To Use EBooks?

  1. Can be used to generate free leads.
  2. Builds a good reputation in the market.
  3. Takes less time in create.

Moreover, there are so many ways by which you can create your own content marketing strategy if you feel any queries just drop a comment below we will be there for you!

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