What Is Anchor Tag In HTML? Types Of Achor Tag In SEO

The anchor tag is an HTML code that relates one page to another page or provides a hyperlink on the specific keyword that moves you another page. So the first question is What is anchor tag in HTML?

While Anchor tag link webpages from each other. You can attach a file, pages, videos, images, PDF on a specific keyword with help of anchor tag. We use it to provides a link on the specific keyword for the people to download or moving another page.

Here Is An Example Of HTML Anchor Tag:

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In this sentence, we have provided a link to our other blog. You can read this blog by clicking on this keyword. Here you can see how anchor tag relates one page to another page.

HTML Code of Anchor Tag:

We can easily learn the HTML code of an Anchor tag and use it in an efficient way. Help of this tag you can link your website with internal pages and can link with external pages also.

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What Is The Use Of HTML Anchor Tag In SEO:

Present time SEO is the boon for businesses. But you have to optimize your website according to Google algorithm for top rankings.

The anchor tag is one of the best practices to optimize the website. provides a genuine definition of your webpage to Google. We interlink our webpages that User can find their needed webpage.

Offpage is an important part of Digital Marketing. We interlink our website on another website. Google crawl that linking page and provides the authority of that website and improve your rankings. When we create our backlink to another website and link our website to the keyword, Google gives more value to your website on that keyword.

Anchor text provides both search engines and users relevant contextual information about the content of the link’s destination.

Impact of Do-follow And No-follow Backlink in SEO:

Do-Follow: Do-Follow passes the authority and link juice to that website. The website sends a direct signal of what is the linked website about.

No-Follow: No-Follow doesn’t pass the authority and link juice to that website. Because of the tag of HTML code tells Google not to follow this backlink.

At this point, We create HTML tag of two types that is Do-follow and No-follow. The only difference is No-follow that we use some extra code. Below is the code of No-follow link:

But Its impact on SEO too much. The latest Google Update on No-follow backlink tells that, Google will not count backlinks from which you have a no-follow backlink.

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Types Of Anchor Tag:

Generic Anchor Tag:

A generic anchor tag does not include any keyword. Use it for provides navigation for the next action.


  • Click Here
  • Read More
  • Visit here
  • More Info
  • Download Here

Branded Anchor Tag:

Another types of Anchor Tag is Branded tags that include your brand name, A business uses their brand name to create an anchor tag.


  • Nike’s Shoes
  • Google Update
  • Moz Blog
  • Semrush
  • Omega Watch

Exact Match:

The exact match anchor tag includes the keyword related to the provided content.


  • Link Building
  • Digital Marketing helps business
  • What is an anchor tag
  • Running Shoes

Partial Match

Partial match anchor tag includes the keyword which is similar to the content written.


  • Link Building Plan’ linking to a page about link building.

Naked link:

Naked URL includes the URL of the pages. We just paste the URL into the copy from the browser bar – It is clickable.


  • https://tutorialsclass.com/learn/seo/seo-anchor-tag
  • https://moz.com/google-algorithm-change

Image Tag:

Image Tag is also a types of Anchor Tag. When we built an image on a website, Google read the image alt attribute for taking information about the image.


  • Best Digital Marketing Company
  • Lion
  • Beautiful Cat

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