Ways To “Share” Using SHAREit – Aplikasih SHAREit

What is SHAREit?

Aplikasih SHAREit is among the most widely used file transfer apps that utilize a wireless connection to transfer files between devices and offers better speed than alternative methods like Bluetooth, USB, etc. SHAREit shares your files at a speed of 20MBPS which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Aplikasih SHAREit offers the fastest cross-platform speed for transferring files, including movies, videos, music, apps and other files. Aplikasih SHAREit also includes several mobile games on its game centre, which you can play for free and on the go.

SHAREit’s Innumerable Advantages:

● The fastest in the world, speeds reach 200 times that of Bluetooth, and the maximum transfer speed reaches 20 MBPS. 

● Send files without compromising quality- all kinds of files transfer like photos, videos, music, installed applications, and all other files. 

● Endless digital content with HD videos.

● Excellent video player supports almost all formats for smooth playback. 

● Find popular and exciting mobile games on its game centre.

Donwload latest & trending games from the app without the hassle of signing in using email id or phone number.

Aplikasih SHAREit can access your location and help you find people around you. You can even share large files with the file size in gigabytes as there is no size limit, and everything happens in no time due to the fast file transfer process. 

SHAREit can be used on all common file-sharing platforms. This includes Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. If you are using any of these platforms, aplikasih SHAREit makes it easy to share files and applications on those platforms, greatly simplifying the file transfer process.

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Transfer Files from One Smartphone to Another(Android to Android):

You can use Shareit to transfer files between two Android phones. Here’s how to transfer files between Android devices. Follow these instructions below to transfer files via Shareit :

● Open Shareit, then click the Send button at the top.

● Then tap the file you want to send to another phone and tap Next. 

● Then click “Open Bluetooth.” When you click this option, the Next button on button turns blue. Click the blue Next button. 

● Then select the avatar of the device you want to send the file to.

Before the sender can send the file, the recipient must turn on the access point. That is, the recipient chooses the receiving option, and the sender chooses the sending option. After this, you will see and receive confirmation that the file has been transferred to another device.

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Transfer Files from Android Phone to iPhone (Android to iOS):

Follow the following steps to transfer files from your Android device to your iOS device:

● On an Android device, tap Send to Sender

● Select a file by clicking on it

● Open “Bluetooth Connections” and click “Next” 

● Then select “Connect to iOS” and click “Next.” The passcode is displayed on the Android screen along with the network name

● Now connect to the network on your iOS device and enter your password

The two devices are now paired, and you can transfer files between them.

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Transfer files from Mobile to Your Computer:

Follow these steps to use ShareIt to transfer files from your phone to your computer or vice versa. Make sure ShareIt is installed on your computer before proceeding. Alternatively, you can download SHAREit from the Google Play Store or the SHAREit website.

● Enter the SHAREit application on your computer and click View QR Code to send the file using the QR code mechanism. 

● Next, select the four-square icon in the upper right corner of your phone and then click Connect to Computer.

● Now, click on your computer avatar or tap the Connect to Connect option to display a QR code and scan your computer. Then select one of the two options, via a computer access point or local network of your choice, and click “Start”.

Your phone and computer must be connected to the same WLAN network to continue transferring files.

The aplikasih SHAREit is a free program for Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS that allows users to wirelessly transfer files such as photos, videos, songs, and more.

The app is currently available in over 45 languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, and French, and is one of the fastest growing media publishers globally.

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