Upholstery Fabrics On A Budget For Your Custom Made Accent Chairs

Many people are torn between buying custom-made or ready-made accent chairs. If you are one of them, you are probably weighing the pros and cons before making a purchase decision. If you are after an accent chair with high craftsmanship and are made by highly skilled artisans, then you might want to consider buying custom-made ones. They are crafted using materials with impressive properties and features. Aside from that, they come with unique designs which means that no one else in the world will have the same chair as you. Choosing them will also give you the power to decide on the color, size, texture, and shape resulting in a chair that matches your personality and lifestyle. Unlike the ready-made ones, they are more durable making them withstand adverse conditions.

If you are now convinced that custom-made accent chairs will work best for your living space, now is the time to decide on the type of upholstery fabrics to use. For sure, you will consider their prices before you purchase any of them. In this guide, we will discuss tips when choosing the right upholstery fabrics for your custom accent chairs. Additionally, we created a list of the budget-friendly options available for you!

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Tips When Choosing Upholstery Fabrics

1.   Take the shape of the accent chair into consideration

One of the very first factors to consider when choosing upholstery fabrics for your accent chair is the shape. If you are planning to have furniture with extreme curves, it is recommended to choose solid-colored upholstery fabrics without much pattern and texture because they would still look great even if they undergo several chops. For accent chairs with less complicated shapes, it is best to choose fabrics with bolder shades and eye-catching patterns.

2.   Order sample upholstery fabrics before purchasing

For you to know if your chosen fabrics will complement the colors, textures, and patterns that already exist in your living space, it is best to order sample fabrics instead of immediately buying in bulk. If it works well together with other furniture items, then it’s a sign that you are about to make the right decision. Make sure to observe its texture for you to determine how it feels when you sit on it. In this way, you will not be surprised once you see the upholstery fabrics you ordered in bulk.

3.   Do not focus on one catalog of fabrics

There is a wide variety of upholstery fabrics that you can buy hence it is advisable not to focus on one catalog of fabrics. Do not limit yourself to modern options because you can also find vintage to traditional ones. They will help you craft wingback chairs, a camelback sofa, or an unconventional accent chair.

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Top Upholstery Fabrics On A Budget

1.   JO-1089

If you want upholstery fabrics that look graciously and extremely stylish yet elegant, then this JO-1089 is for you. It features graphics that represent deities and animals which are created to express messages and uphold religious beliefs. They are in blue cream color and upholstered using chenille fabrics composed of polyester, linen, cotton, and viscose. You might want to avail yourself of the soil and stain treatment if you have kids at home. Even if they spill chocolates and drinks, you can easily clean them with a clean cloth.

2.   JO-1261

The JO-1261 is dominated by muted tones of blue, beige, and gray. It features cubed geometric patterns that contribute to its aesthetic appeal. The manufacturer furnished it using velvet fabric composed of comfortable yet durable materials such as polyester, viscose, and cotton. Rest assured that it can last for years to come even if you often subject it to unfavorable conditions as proven by its above 20 000 rubs during the rub test.

In A Nutshell

For you to have custom-made accent chairs that can provide both function and style, it is a must to invest in upholstery fabrics. Once you choose the right pieces, you can enjoy a cohesive-looking space and you will prevent yourself from dealing with snags and stains. The top upholstery fabrics listed above are highly durable, comfortable, and stylish which you will be happy seeing in your living space!

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