How To Untag Yourself On Instagram

All social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter believe in developing user-oriented features because they all care how someone feels secured on their network. Likewise, new features always emerge on the demands and one of many to make mention here is the “untagging” option. 

The feature works great for those people who have thousands of friends on networks but they wish to untag themselves from the posts for some reasons. 

 Facebook and Instagram have almost the same features, one is called tagging that allows you to tag your friends in your posts. Likewise, it allows your friends to tag you in their Instagram stories, feeds and posts. You may have tons of friends on Instagram that love to share photos and videos with you on a daily basis. It’s not unusual for your username to get tagged on photos, videos and media content of other people.

It’s just that they want to make you a part of it so you can find the post easily, like it and post your opinion. 

Most often you just feel like your username is being tagged on certain posts that are aligned with the ethical codes or have content so inappropriate that you decide not to do anything with it. For instance, if your friend is writing extensively against any cause that is stirring up quite a lot of heat and aggravating people, you may not wish to be a part of the content. You don’t support your friend for this idea of posting the content that is hurting the feelings of any community or group.

You don’t have to unfriend the person who’s doing it. Doing so is not necessary if you wish to have a connection with them on good terms but you cannot support their activities online for your own personal reasons.

If so, you can always untag yourself from their photos, videos and posts in general. 

How To Untag Yourself On Instagram?

If you are already using Facebook, you might have an idea how easily you can untag yourself from a particular post from there. You won’t have to write your friend to ask them to remove your username from the post because you can untag your username from the post in seconds.

Likewise, untagging your username takes no more than three seconds on Instagram as well. Here are some crucial steps that you need to follow; 

  1. First you need to log into your Instagram account through your mobile phone or device you always use for the application.
  2. The second step would be to visit the posts in which you have been tagged by your relative, friend, or family member  
  3. Alternatively, you can also view all the pictures and photos you have been tagged in by clicking on the section “Photo of you”.
  4. Once you have found the posts in which you are tagged, just open it. 
  5. You will see multiple options there such as “show in your profile”, “Remove tag”, and “Learn more”. You need to tap on the remove tag of course. 
  6. In the end, you will be asked to confirm the decisions. If you are sure about it, and you will remove your username from the tags, you should click on “Yes, I’m sure”, and your username will be removed. 
  7. You may try opening the post again and now you will see that you are no longer tagged in the posts.

Note: Whenever you are tagged in a post, the photo or video will show under “photos of you”, you may remove it from there as well. Normally it happens automatically when you untag yourself from the post. 

Untagging The Username For Iphone Users:

Although you can untag yourself using the same steps as mentioned below yet a few additional things need to be done.

Follow the following steps to untag yourself on Instagram when you use the application on iPhone.

  • Go to the application and log into the account entering your username and password. 
  • Find the tagged photos and posts by going to the notification panel. Or simply tap on the option “Photos of you” on the display. 
  • As soon as you go to the section, find the photo  which you wish to untag yourself from.
  • Open the post or photo,hered you will find your username attached with it. 
  • Click on the username that is attached.
  • You will find more options there and one would be “Remove me from post”, click on the remove option. 

Your username has been removed from that certain Instagram post. 

Untagging yourself from Instagram is pretty easy, all you have to do is open the post or image, remove yourself from the tags. It merely takes a second to do it. 

Instagram has given its users all the freedom that if they don’t wish to be a part of any image or photo post they can remove themselves from it easily. There might be a reason for a user to want to do it.

The first is that the content in which the user has been tagged is not according to his interest and the second reason could be that the user does not want to be the part of the post at all. 

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