Trouble linking Apple Pencil to iPad? We help you

Technology can sometimes give us major headaches. And something as simple as linking the Apple Pencil to the iPad can fail. In these situations, there are many solutions that can be used to fix the problem. And it is precisely in this article that. We will address those things that you should do if you have problems linking your Pencil to the iPad, regardless of whether it is the 1st or 2nd generation model of the stylus.

First of all and as a very first check. You should know if the iPad and the Apple Pencil are compatible with each other . Remember that not all Apple iPads support this compatibility, since older models cannot work with this accessory. In the same way, you should know that if an iPad is compatible with a first generation Pencil. The second generation cannot be used and vice versa.

Perform These Checks On Your Ipad

The fundamental thing about all this. And the first thing that you should check, is that you have the latest version of software on the iPad.  In case the problem was related to your current version. If you go to Settings> General> Software update you will see the most recent version ready for download. And installation and if you are in the latest version, it will also be indicated there. Once you have verified this there are a number of aspects that you should review. To make the connection between the Pencil and iPad be good again.

Close All Background Processes

We are not referring to closing applications. Which too, but to closing all those processes that are running on the iPad invisibly. It is common for this type of electronic devices. To run hundreds of processes in the background that guarantee its correct operation. Although ironically they can also fail and cause something that should work well does not. Therefore, closing and restarting them is the most effective solution to avoid it. Further, if you are facing an internet problem When you on your Data on Wi-Fi all background processes automatically start. So it’s make your internet speed very slow. So you need to buy a good internet device such. As a jazz 4G device, which make your internet speed more fast.

And how is this done? Well, basically turning the iPad off and on. That simple and that fast. When you turn off the tablet you will make all those processes close. And when you turn it on again you will force the iPad to run them again and no errors. If your problem was related to it. It is the most effective way you have to fix it and if. It has not worked you can continue reading. The following sections in which we see other possible causes.

Check The Magnetic Connector Or Lightning Port

Another of the first aspects that you should check whether. We have the first or second generation Apple Pencil, are the connectors. The first generation Apple Pencil pairs to the iPad via the Lightning connector. Unfortunately, these can give some problems and not get to link the accessory correctly. In these cases, we must check that there. Is no type of lint in the connector that could prevent a good connection. Sometimes when the iPad is stored in a backpack or in a case. It can end up accidentally introducing some dirt in these holes.

In the event that you have a second-generation Apple Pencil, things change. The charging connector now has no relationship whatsoever with. The Apple Pencil, the magnetic connector that we find on the side becomes the protagonist. It is important that when linking the Apple Pencil, it is fully centered since if it is displaced. To one side it may not be recognized by the iPad. Also check that this element of the iPad has no traces of dirt or of course. It is wet or damp.

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Check The Bluetooth Connection

The connection of the iPad with the Apple Pencil (regardless of the generation) is done via Bluetooth. On certain occasions it is possible to find some problems. In this type of connection and solving them can be really simple. The first thing you should do in these situations is to restart. The iPad completely as we mentioned before. And if none of this works we will go to Settings> Bluetooth. And check that it is active and even turn this connection off and on again.

If everything is fine so far. You should check in the settings window if the Apple Pencil appears in the ‘My devices’ section. On certain occasions you can see that the reflected Apple Pencil appears in this section of the computer. But in reality it is not linked because it is not possible to use it. To try to solve it you simply have to scroll to the right side where an ‘i’ appears next to the Apple Pencil. By clicking on this we can choose ‘Skip device’ so that the iPad forgets about this accessory.

Once you’ve bypassed the device, you can reconnect it via the magnetic connector or the Lightning port. After a few minutes, the window will probably appear in which you are asked for authorization to link both computers. Keep in mind that they can take a while, especially if the Apple Pencil is fully discharged.

Reviews On Apple Pencil Itself

Having ruled out the software problems and the iPad itself, it is time to carefully observe the Apple Pencil itself. Everything indicates that it is this element that is causing the problem to link, although fortunately it could also have a simple solution. In the following sections we will tell you what are the checks that you must do in the stylus.

First Of All, Does It Have A Battery?

There are times when, when something fails, we fail to think about the most obvious. It is evident that if an Apple Pencil does not have a battery it will not be able to work well regardless of whether its link with the iPad is correct. Therefore, it is advisable that you check that this device has a battery and for this you have several ways to do it. If it is a second generation Apple Pencil you can attach it to the magnetic connector of the iPad and in the animation that appears it will put its battery level.

And if it is a first generation Apple Pencil, you can look at it in the battery widget of the iPad. If you don’t have it configured, you can simply add it to carry out this check and then delete it. It must be said that in this also the battery will appear in the second generation model, so if the comments for this did not help you, you can also resort to this. If this does not appear in any case, it is advisable that you put it to charge for several minutes, since it may be that the battery is so exhausted that it is not even able to send the information to the iPad that it is discharged.

Try Using It On Other Ipads

If your iPad is working correctly through Bluetooth and it detects other accessories, it is possible that you have your Apple Pencil damaged. To be able to get rid of doubts, what you should do is look for another iPad to be able to do a test and see if it links to this or not. We understand that this is not always easy, as you most likely only have one iPad at home, but if you have a close friend or acquaintance who has one, you can try to ask them to do the checking.

Further, if you are the gamer and Want to play on Apple iPads. May be you don’t have a budget to buy good iPad, but easily you convert your android to iPad view and Make your wishes.

You can also do the opposite and borrow another Apple Pencil and try to link it to your iPad. In this way you will be able to know if there is a bug in the operating system or simply the accessory is not working correctly.

Check Your Physical Condition

As in the case of the iPad, we urge you to check the Lightning port or the magnetic connector, it is essential that you also check the status of the Apple Pencil. It must not be wet or dirty and its tip must be correctly attached to the body. A bad connection in that sense could make the pairing successful and yet the iPad is unable to recognize the actions that are made with the stylus.

What To Do If You Can’t Fix It

If after reaching this point you have not been able to solve the problem, you should probably seek professional help because on your part you will have almost nothing left to do. In any case, in these last two sections we will tell you which are the last two options that you would have left.

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