Triller Was Increasing Public User Figure – There Is No Legal Explanation For Monthly Active Users

In a declaration to Billboard, Triller CEO Mike Lu says there is no legal explanation for monthly active users, and Triller will not extensively share monthly active users (MAU) or daily active users (DAU) because they don’t exactly represent a company’s value.

Triller, which was bought by Proxima Media in October 2019, rose to prominence after its December 2019 press release announced that it had as many users as TikTok — which had 26.5 million monthly active users in 2019, according to a Reuters report — positioning itself as a major competitor to the Chinese short-form video service.

Triller’s claims have helped boost its appeal to potential investors, but the various numbers it has reported to rights holders highlight the gap between it and its larger rival. (Last September, a few weeks after TikTok’s user numbers were released, Triller told The Verge that it had 100 million monthly active users and more than 27 million daily users.) Lu says the company’s focus is on growing content “beyond the network” which invalidates the use of metrics such as monthly and daily active users.

“The worth of Triller is in user monetization, not DAU or MAU. In the past, the press had a hard time understanding this. That’s why we decided last year to stop sharing any MAU or DAU data and have no intention of doing so in the future. It has no bearing on our value or our monetization.
As Triller prepares to go public, it hired music industry heavyweights in the same position in January, including former Warner Chappell CFO Paul Kahn, after Tuhin Roy — formerly Universal Music Group’s senior vice president of new digital business and innovation — was hired like Triller.

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