Top 7 Travel Accounts To Follow On Instagram

Our world is a fascinating place. There is so much to do and see that one lifetime would not be enough to cover everything. The modern world, as we know it, has 195 countries and several other regions that are managed independently. While most people definitely have a difficult time in visiting even half of this number of countries, the Internet has certainly played a big role in making the lives of travel buffs easier.

The reason we make this claim is because there are a large number of Facebook pages, Youtube channels, Instagram handles, and Pinterest accounts, among many others, that help us get an insight into the world of travel – beautiful destinations abroad, in corners of the world absolutely untouched by humanity, can be brought to life on our phone and laptop screens, literally with one click, and we can get an exposure into the local culture through the experiences of a travel blogger. While we completely understand that each person has a different set of priorities and hence experiences each place differently, these bloggers usually use their vice and platform very well and are extremely neutral about their reviews.

If you are a travel buff, you have to check out the top 7 travel accounts on Instagram that we have listed here, in no particular order.

1. The Blonde Abroad (@theblondeabroad)

The Blonde Abroad is a verified handle that has 561,000 followers on Instagram. It is run by a Californian Native called Kiki. The beautifully curated feed can quench the thirst for adventure and nature that your soul may be craving. The Blonde Abroad supports and promotes solo female travel and you can also visit their website to learn about several useful insights that will help you stay safe and undertake a solo adventure vacation to connect with your truest self. What makes Blonde Abroad’s Instagram page stand out among other such pages is how she creates strikingly beautiful natural portraits out of simple visuals and images. All the pictures in this Instagram feed are edited with the help of Lr Presets. Their Instagram handle is @tbapresets.

2. My Life’s A Travel Movie (@mylifesatravelmovie)

My Life’s A Travel movie has over 2,300 posts on Instagram and is a verified account with 214,000 followers. The admin of the account is  Alyssa Ramos, another California native who travels solo. Alyssa has mastered the art of taking self-portraits with beautiful sceneries and crystal-clear blue waters in the backdrop. Her feed includes pictures of all 7 wonders of the world, and more than 100 countries on all the continents, including Antarctica. She is also a lifestyle enthusiast and blogger. This is why her Instagram handle features pictures from her Yoga sessions regularly. She also owns and runs a design label, inspired by her travels all over the world, where she designs and sells swimwear, jewelry, souvenir pillow cases, and dresses that can easily be carried around and worn during a vacation.

3. Murad Osmann (@muradosmann)

Murad Osmann has the highest number of followers on our list, standing tall at a staggering 4 million. He was named one of the Top 3 Travel Influencers by Forbes. Almost each and every one of the pictures in his feed includes his wife turning her back towards the camera and looking out towards a sea, a mountain, a cliff, a desert, or a cottage while he holds one of her hands. Murad and his wife Nataly are in fact, the creators of the world-famous ‘follow me’ trend. This husband-wife duo are undoubtedly luxurious travelers who do not compromise their comfort. This is easily reflected in their photographs. The best part about this travel channel is the fact that one can truly see the world from Murad’s eyes by the way he captures the photographs.

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4. Travis Burke Photography (@travisburkephotography)

If you are a true traveler, the name Travis Burke is not unfamiliar to you. An esteemed photographer, excellent in his job, Travis Burke has been associated with National Geographic and Google for a long time now. He has been a full-time traveler for more than 8 years now. If you take a look through his feed, you will see exactly why he is a celebrated photographer. His feed will take you on a visual vacation. He clicks the kind of pictures that people end up making their wallpaper. Through his photographs, you will get a beautiful insight into his travel experiences and see the world through his lenses. He also has a website (, a Facebook page, and a Youtube channel of the same name.

5. Pilot Maria (@pilotmaria)

A verified Instagram page with 574,000 followers, Pilot Maria’s administrator, Maria Pettersson is a Boeing 737 pilot. Through her page, not only do you get an insight into the exotic vacations but also her life in the cockpit. It is much easier to relate to her posts since they are not all about breathtaking locations and sceneries but actually a simple person’s life, who is not a full-time traveler. The best thing about her feed, that no other travel account can offer you are spectacular aerial pictures of clouds and what the earth looks like from 38,000 feet from the ground level. Maria is a Swedish native who lives in the United Kingdom. She has a page on Amazon where you can find a list of her favorite products from different categories of everyday use.

6. Gypsea Lust (@gypsea_lust)

With 2.1 million followers and a verified Instagram handle, the Gypsea Lust is run by the dynamic duo Lauren Bullen and Jack Morris. They are one of the highest-earning travel bloggers in the world, based out of Bali, with not one but 3 Instagram channels. They are @doyoutravel and @doyoutravelpresets. The best part about their beautifully curated Instagram feeds is the luxurious simplicity oozing out of each post. They edit all their pictures with their own presets (@doyoutravelpresets on Instagram) that you can also purchase from their website Be it under the water, on a cliff or under an exotic mountain, this Instagram feed is bound to make you want to grab your passport and take your next vacation.

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7. Bon Traveler (@bontraveler)

The Bon Traveller is administered by Jessica Wright and has 91,300 followers on Instagram. It is a verified page that has a little over 2000 posts. Jessica is based out of Sacramento, California, and has curated her posts beautifully to show not just her impeccable photography skills, but also her class. She also runs another Instagram channel, @themindfulmaison, where she posts pictures of her antique Tudor home in downtown Sacramento. She also edits all her pictures with her personalized presets which can be found on @bontravelerpresets on Instagram.

There are innumerable other Instagram handles that we haven’t featured here, yet they continue to take their audience on a visual joy-ride through awe-inspiring pictures, videos, and feeds. Each of these accounts compels you to look at the world with a unique perspective and stir the feeling of wanderlust within you.

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