Trashelle Odom Biography, Career & Family: Her Life Beyond Trump Controversy

Born in 1989, Trashelle is an Idaho woman who has been in the news for accusing Corey Lewandowski. This man sexually assaulted Trashelle Odom at the Westgate Las Vegas hotel. Corey was the former Trump campaign manager and as per the news, he inappropriately groped the victim. As a result, he is accused of sexually harassing Trashelle Odom. 

Only after this, Trashelle became viral. But this doesn’t end here. There is more to the story than what appears on the surface. However, it is deeply saddening to know Odom only as a sexual assault victim. Hence, we have covered everything you should know about Trashelle Odom in this read by Apzo Blog. We have also made sure to cover the intricate details about how she had put forward her accusations against the former campaign manager of U.S. President Trump. As exciting as it may sound Trashelle Odom has been in the news for quite some time. This has made people excited about knowing the life of Odom. So if you’re one among them, this blog is all the information you wish to know.

Trashelle Odom Insight Into Her Early Life and Background 

As already mentioned, Trashelle Odom was born in 1989. So, based on her year of birth, we came to know that her current age is 32. Even though her name is quite odd and would make readers wonder ” what kind of name is Trashelle?” It is her real name. She was known by Trashelle McGregor before her marriage. According to public reports, she is also called Trashelle Power. Her birthplace is California in the United States of America. In an interview, she informed me that she grew up amidst poverty and belonged to a poor family. This implies that her childhood might have been a struggle. 

She follows Christianity but belongs to a mixed ethnicity since both her parents were from two different religions. She spent her childhood in Idaho and completed her education at a local school in her hometown. However, she has not shared much about her parents and schooling. There is hardly any information surfaced on the internet regarding the names of institutions she studied in. Currently, we are unable to provide those details but will let you know as soon as we have access to them. 

Trashelle Odom: Body Features

Many of you might have seen pictures of Trashelle Odom on social media platforms. Her body measurement is 34-24-34, thus possessing a slim body. Overall, she maintains a good figure standing at a height of probably 5 feet 5 inches or 1.65 meters. Her weight is about 53 kg or 112 lbs which are good enough. 

It is fascinating that she has no tattoos on her body. The color of her hair is blonde and her eye color is brown. She wears dresses of size 4 UK and her shoe size is 3.5 UK.

Harassment Case of Trashelle Odom

Recently, there was news that created turmoil on probably every social media platform. Let us know in detail about what happened with Trashelle Odom. It happened on 26 September 202, when Trashelle and her husband were at a charity event in Las Vegas. The couple attended an event at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino’s Benihana restaurant with other Republican donors.

Corey Lewandowski was surprisingly a married man 48 years old. Alison Lewandowski is her wife and both have children together. Trashelle was attending a charity dinner event in Las Vegas, Nevada. Meanwhile, the man stalked her and inappropriately tried touching her not less than ten times. He harassed her by touching her legs and butt several times. At this, she felt fearful and violated, thus she ended up filing a complaint against Corey.

This did not stop there. Corey’s lawyer, David Chesnoff, tried defending his client saying that the allegations put forward by Trashelle Odom were fake. David further said that the other party is frequently changing its statements. So, Chesnoff decided that he and his client are not answerable to any of them. They would not dignify themselves with any response. 

However, Lewandowski was removed from his position. He was fired from the position of campaign manager after Mrs. Odom reported an indictment against him on 29th September 2021. Trump’s spokesperson named Taylor Budowich made this announcement. Moreover, the Netizens were in support of Trashelle throughout. 

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Trashelle Odom Husband and Family

Trashelle Odom Husband John Odom

Trashelle is much popular because of her husband, John Odom. The reason is that John is known worldwide for being a Trump donor and construction company executive.

Once in an interview, she said that she feels blessed to have John as his husband for he supported her when she was harassed. Now, you might be getting curious to know how both of them met and finally tied the knot. Well, they share a love life worth appreciation. 

John and Trashelle Odom married on July 7, 2017, and had five children later on. Not much is known about their kids.  We only know that the son is named Holland Odom whereas the daughter is named Scarlett Odom. Together they live in a lavish mansion in Meridian, Idaho, USA. For 4 years, Trashelle Odom has been happily living with her husband and kids. She shared in her Instagram bio that she is a mother of 5 children. Otherwise, it seems that she keeps her personal life private, not letting out much data about her children.

Trashelle Odom Career

Trashelle Odom Career

Her husband, John Odom, owns a company name ‘HMH Construction business‘. Trashelle Odom has been working with her spouse since 2015. Their company is based in Nampa, Idaho, USA. 

Apart from this, Trashelle is also a part of a family racing company name ‘Odom racing’. She and her spouse both own the company. This racing company was sponsored by many around the world. Some of the sponsors were Mac Bronson and Bridget Burgess. Added to this, Trashelle and her family have a successful YouTube channel. There they upload daily life vlogs.

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Trashelle Odom Net Worth

Trashelle Odom has been working with her spouse in HMH Construction since 2015. Currently, she is a successful businesswoman. Before joining HMH Construction, she also worked in other sectors. As of 2021, Trashelle Odom’s net worth is approximately $10 to $15 US dollars. In addition, John and Trashelle Odom have another company ‘Odom racing‘ which adds to her source of income.

Social Media Presence 

Those who want to know more about Trashelle can refer to her social media platforms. She is active on social media but keeps her account private. Her private account is @trashelley. However, Trishelle Odom’s husband and Trishelle are very fond of racing and have a separate Instagram account by the name @odom_racing. John and Trashelle Odom also have a YouTube channel named Odom racing. The channel has about 11.40K subscribers and some videos have got 50k+ views. The channel usually uploads motor racing vlogs.

Lesser Known Facts About Trashelle Odom

  • She was disgusted when the former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said about the size of his private part. He further told Mrs. Odom, how he will perform during intercourse with her.
  • Trashelle Odom further said that the man also showed his hotel room’s key.
  • It is quite appalling to know that Corey tried touching her at least 10 times.
  • Corey called Trashelle Odom a stupid woman. He tried to threaten her saying that he has a lot of power and that he could destroy whomever he wants.
  • Although her Instagram account is private, she is very active on her account.
  • Both Trashelle Odom and her partner John Odom are fond of traveling. During their trip, they like to visit different places.
  • The couple donated $100,000 to the pro-Trump super PAC. 
  • She leads a private life and does not want to reveal her personal life.
  • She is available as ‘trashelle.power’ on Facebook.

Trashelle Odom FAQs

Q. Who Is Trashelle Odom?

Trashelle is a businesswoman who runs the ‘Odom racing’.

Q. How Many Kids Does Odom Have?

She has 5 kids including a son named Holland Odom and a daughter named Scarlett Odom.

Q. What Does John Odom Do?

John owns a company named HMH Construction.

Q. What Is The Net Worth Of Mrs. Odom?

Her net worth is about $10-15 US dollars.

Q. What Is The Age Of Trashelle?

As per her birth year, she is 32 years old as of 2021.

Q. Why Is Trashelle So Famous?

She is famously known for accusing Corey Lewandowski, who harassed her.

Q. What Is Trashelle’s Nationality?

She holds an American nationality.

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