Top Reasons Why SHAREit App is the Best Digital Content Platform in 2022

SHAREit allows its users to watch and share content through the app. In addition, users can also share files, documents, movies, and videos with their friends and family at lightning speeds.

How has SHAREit App made its mark as a digital content platform? 

Picture a marketplace where you can search for the content you are interested in and instantly access it. The best thing about the app is that you can share any content with your friends or family, and you can even suggest content to people. 

SHAREit app helps users achieve just that! For these reasons, AppsFlyer Performance Index Report-2020 mentioned SHAREit as the fastest growing media publisher globally. In addition, the app has gone way beyond only operating as a file-sharing app. SHAREit is a fully functional digital content platform where you can watch and stream videos. The gaming centre allows free download of mobile games without asking the users to submit their email or phone number to sign up. Its partnership with Google Play Store helps provide dedicated apps.  

SHAREit App – Enabling Users to Watch and Share Content: 

File sharing is often prone to attacks where the data can get into the wrong hands or get lost in the cloud. Still, SHAREit app has a defence system that encrypts your private data so that hackers can’t invade your personal information. 

The sharing process can only begin once the users connect their devices using the app. For this, users can create their custom profiles with unique avatars for sharing and interacting with other users. It helps in establishing more trust and a stronger bond between two individuals and this way, you can control the content that you want to share and receive. 

SHAREit – Free to Download: 

The SHAREit app has billions of users worldwide, as it is available in over 45 languages, including Russian, English, Arabic, etc. It has a user-friendly interface, meaning people of all age groups can access all the features without facing any challenges. 

It is one of the best files sharing apps around because all the features on the app are available for free. In addition, it does not limit the sharing experience based on the file size and type. For instance, users can access the app to share movies, TV shows, music, software, gaming apps, and videos. 

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SHAREit Offers Unlimited Video Streaming: 

SHAREit app has access to a wide range of video content providers. As a result, users can watch comedy videos, music clips, gaming content, snippets, etc. More importantly, users get to this extensive library for free. 

Unique Features: 

With the SHAREit app, you can share multiple files to multiple devices at a time and more importantly, you can control who can access these files with the group sharing feature. Also, SHAREit facilitates cross-platform file transfer with ease. For instance, users can share the files on the Android phone, iPad, Windows, or Mac. It uses the latest encryption technology to ensure the protection of the communication.

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Regular Updates Of Shareit App: 

SHAREit is a product of the SHAREit Group, where the developers and managing teams ensure that they exceed users’ expectations. SHAREit sends regular updates to users to ensure that the experience of using the app remains frictionless. You can either use it to share mobile apps or just catch up on some trending videos; everyone gets a seamless experience with the SHAREit app. 


Many excellent digital content distribution platforms are available in the market, but only a few can claim to be the best. SHAREit has the right combination of features and benefits, making it a good platform for content distribution. Go download SHAREit now! 

Check the SHAREit Twitter handle to get all the latest updates about this excellent digital content platform. 

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