Top 5 Reasons For Packaging

One of the top reasons for packaging is to protect the product from damage and contamination, especially during transportation when the product can be damaged and the contents rendered unusable, The type of product to be wrapped will be greatly influenced by the kind of packaging it has. Goods packaged in bottles and jarred will more likely be beverages and foods such as pickles and beetroot with liquids such as vinegar to preserve their freshness.

Every year, 95% of new products fail. The reason is simple; most shoppers don’t have the time or energy to weigh the pros and cons of the multitude of products that are available. Customers tend to take shortcuts to make a purchase decision. And what is that shortcut? This shortcut is the packaging of a product.

Manufacturers understand the importance of packaging in affecting the consumer’s decision to buy. They have to think of looks, functionality, and affordability, and come up with packaging that ticks all the right boxes with the customer. When consumers judge packaging on the shelf, their opinion of the packaging extends to what they believe the contents of the packaging will be.

1.   Ensures product arrives intact at the destination

Around 108 billion pounds of food is thrown away every year in the US alone- it is a huge waste of resources. Imagine the work, energy, water, and transportation used to produce food that is never eaten. Packaging ensures that the food stays fresh and fresh longer.

9 out of 10 consumers believe that packaging is worse for the climate than food waste. But according to researcher Helén Williams, packaging accounts for about 5 percent of the climate impact, while food accounts for 95 percent.

The right packaging will ensure that your products stay intact during shipping and arrive safely at their destination. High-quality packaging adds to the reliability and trustworthiness of your product and conveys the message to customers that you’re concerned about them receiving great products and services.

Packaging has to be practical in the retail world and the manufacturer has to think in terms of how the packaging will appear and fit on the shelf.

2.   Packaging must appeal to customers

Adults and kids alike are drawn to eye-catching packaging. Customers, when trying out new products, are attracted to good-looking packaging. The main goal of any product is to stand out. There are heaps of other similar products on the shelves and you want your product to stand out.

First impressions count and an appealing product with high-quality packaging is simply a reflection of the brand. The best brands do extensive research into how to package their products. Many brands conduct extensive research into the wants and needs of consumers to ensure their packaging is attractive and compelling.

3.   Packaging conveys important information

Packaging needs to reinforce a brand, and customers want all their questions answered about the product on the packaging. What is the product composed of, who is the manufacturer, when was the product packaged, what are the ingredients, and so on?

If the product is in any way dangerous, it is important for the manufacturer to stipulate such information on the packaging. Some products require specific safety guidelines for their usage. Weight and barcodes also appear on packaging.

4.   Efficient while cost-effective

Manufacturers who care about the way their products are packaged always try to find ways that their packaging can be efficient and innovative but still cost-effective. For your customer’s sake, you will want to save them money from buying a product where they have to pay for the expensive packaging.

5.   Customers want eco-friendly packaging

These days customers are well-informed and they know the state of our fragile world. They are irritated when they see that some companies consider their environmental footprint while others couldn’t care less.

The planet requires immediate attention and customers believe that brands have a great responsibility to contribute to positive environmental changes. Customers are starting to look at packaging where the manufacturer has paid attention to the packaging’s environmental impact while still ensuring quality, affordable products.

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Packaging Does matter

Bad packaging can backfire. A couple of years back, Australia introduced a uniform cigarette packaging design law. The government’s removal of the right to brand packaging was intended to discourage young people from smoking. For example, Marlboro could no longer use its own logo or font on the packaging. The uniform design – packaging covered in health warnings and gruesome graphics that curb the desire to smoke – has led to Australia’s biggest drop in smoking in 20 years.

Good packaging that matches a quality product

It’s 2022, and a package design that is good to look at, easy to open, and which is eco-friendly, and avoids breakages and spillages is the way to go. Customers are always drawn first to the way packaging looks when it’s a new product. What does your packaging look like, because the ultimate cherry on the top is the quality of the product inside.

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