Top 7 Software Systems To Increase Workplace Efficiency

It’s true that performance management and workplace efficiency go hand in hand.

With the right software systems, you and your employees will be equipped to improve in both of these areas. If you are committed to the growth of both your business and your employees, then having the right tools can make all the difference.

The main idea behind these systems is to focus on projects management and collaborations within your company. These software programs offer the most convenient way for everyone to remain in contact no matter where they are. 

So, which is the right workplace software for your company’s needs? Read on to find out more about systems that help you increase productivity in the workplace.

Performance Management

Performance management System should be used as a tool to encourage and promote workplace efficiency, as well as employee development. Understanding where your employees see themselves going and what they hope to achieve in their careers is crucial to workplace management. You can use this to streamline leadership roles and processes, as well as to help retain employees. 

Performance and Growth

You can only grow your business if your employees perform well and are invested in your vision. Management of employee performance is an effective tool to help grow your employees’ abilities and align your goals with theirs.

Performance management is also a key tool in driving workplace efficiency. The most appropriate performance management systems depend on the structure that you already have in place and the size and type of business you have. 

You can choose from a wide range of software systems, so finding the one that meets your needs should be easy. Let’s look at six of the software options that can be used as performance management tools as well as helping boost efficiency.

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1. Microsoft 

As a productivity tool, Microsoft is one of the first programs that come to mind. It’s due to Microsoft’s ability to move and access data in different applications that it has become such a popular platform. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook form the base of these and cover everything from emails and documents to presentations to spreadsheets.

Pretty much everything you need in your office. 

There is also the option of OneDrive for backups and online data saving. 

While other options attempt to rival Microsoft, many of them are always a few steps behind rather than offering their unique ideas. And even if you do decide to try one of these out, chances are you will be working with documents and formats created for MS Office. You will also be handling data from customers and suppliers who are still using MS.

2. LastPass

Let’s be honest: passwords can become an absolute nightmare. Either you have variations of the same password on all your devices, or you must try and remember what password applies where! This is where a reliable password manager comes into play. LastPass is a brilliant option for this.

Lastpass helps to generate secure and strong passwords and then stores them in an encrypted vault. Your newest passwords are available immediately across all your devices, and LastPass will log you in automatically with one click. 

It can also remember other details such as shipping or payment details, and can complete these forms. Moreover, it offers secure password sharing, so texting your passwords is no longer necessary. LastPass can be used across iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac, with all basic options being free.

3. Asana

Asana has been around for a few years and has the added benefit of offering a free tier for you to test drive first. Several major companies use it as their core base of communications. It features a basic design that allows companies to track their employees and get optimal results. 

There are options for creating to-do lists for ongoing and current projects, reminders for deadlines, and you can send requests to colleagues. The application provides the option for team members to comment on posts as well. Projects can be in a board or a list format, with a search function meaning you can locate work quickly and efficiently.

4. Trello

Trello is a simple to use software system with the option to integrate third-party services. Very simply, you drag and drop cards onto a Trello board. These cards can represent either a single task or a more substantial checklist. Your attachments can range from simple deadlines to images and hyperlinks. 

Collaboration and project management can be made easier with Trello’s many tools. They make workplace management easy, efficient, and user-friendly, just like Trello itself. 

Tying Trello into products such as time tracking software or other performance management tools allows companies to manage team expectations in real-time. Transparency, employee collaboration, and easy documentation make Trello an excellent go-to.

5. Google Drive

For free storage space, Google Drive is an excellent choice. It links seamlessly with MS Office and provides features of Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. It can be used on most devices without issue and allows multiple users to access information from anywhere at the same time. It is a great add-on software system to any other workplace management software you are already using.

6. Compliance Software

Here’s one you may not have seen coming. In today’s regulated age, it’s not enough to simply tell your team what the law requires in certain instances and hope that they follow the right path. Investing in compliance software such as Riskonnect tracks, manages, and documents all compliance-related activity. 

From aligning company policies and external regulations to automating workflows, assessments, and control testing, compliance software is rapidly becoming a must-have in the toolbox of smart businesses.

7. ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software known for providing teams with effective solutions to get work done faster and be more efficient. ProofHub brings together all of the tools you’ll need to plan your projects, collaborate and communicate with team members, organise your work, and manage your files.

Projects may be seen in Kanban boards, Table view, and robust Gantt charts, and there’s a quick search function to help you find tasks and files faster. You can even set due dates to specific tasks to keep up with the deadlines. ProofHub also includes time tracking and reporting tools to help you keep track of your team’s progress and be more efficient. 

Suitable Software Systems

The right software systems make increasing your workplace efficiency that much easier. They streamline your processes and allow all your employees to work from anywhere without feeling left out of the loop. They also allow you additional performance management tools, meaning you can ensure that you always have the best interests of your employees in mind.

If you found this article helpful, look around our blog for others that may interest you. 

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