A tight foreskin is a condition where the foreskin cannot be drawn from above the head of the penis. It is a rare condition occurring in males that affects less than a million people in a year. The condition The tip of the penis resembles a rubber band. It also causes bleeding, painful urination, even a series of infections around the foreskin that can lead to complications. It is important to note that it is common for children to have slightly tight skin but this can be overcome with regular treatment.

If not treated earlier, it can cause serious problems. Treatment requires care in order to achieve full treatment. Because it depends on various factors, significantly the patient’s desire to be treated. A positive and optimistic thinker can easily get rid of his illness and enjoy a healthy future life.

For this, it is advised to consult a trained doctor. For the best treatment, tight Foreskin problem, or other sexual problems, Dr. Chirag Bhandari, a famous sexologist/ andrologist in Jaipur. He has successfully treated individuals and gave a new life. He’s a person with mastery over his field. Visiting Dr. Chirag Bhandari Clinic at IASH (Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health) is recommended for effective and quick treatment.

Treatment is Done for Tight Foreskin:-

Treatment is Done for Tight Foreskin:-

Tight skin conditions may be something that may require a physical examination to diagnose. If other unnecessary tests are not required, a blood test can usually be performed to see the type of bacterial infection and appropriate treatment is arranged accordingly. Once the child is diagnosed with tight skin, treatment can begin.

The first step in treatment is supportive self-care and protecting our environment because it is something that is a common problem in children, so you will be asked to monitor and report changes that are gentle and normal. you can resolve the problem on your own. However, if it does not work over a period and sometimes, your doctor may give a therapy. Procedure to stretch the foreskin. This will allow it to retract properly as needed. And another procedure can be followed by regular medicines.

Your doctor may offer cream for tight skin. The dosage will depend on how hard the skin is and everything you need to do is apply as directed. This should loosen the skin. If this does not work, your doctor will recommend surgical treatment. IASH India provides the best treatment and surgical therapy for Tight foreskin Circumstances are a normal process and occurs quickly. Sometimes they are performed under local anesthesia to avoid complete harassment of the child.

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) provides Treatment for Foreskin Problems. IASH is the best Treatment Center for Sexual Health Treatment.IASH India is a one-stop solution to improve male sexual health providing all facilities. This makes us one of a kind of health institution where no aspect of male sexual health remains untouched.

The institute provides professional guidance to its clients from trained male sexual health specialists. Works well, evidence-based, and with complete determination by state-of-the-art health equipment.

Treated for Tight Skin

If your child is suffering from tight skin, which can cause painful urination, or bleeding around his skin, you should, therefore, go for treatment.

Who is not Eligible for the Treatment?

Who is not Eligible for the Treatment?

If your child is uncircumcised, and the skin is a little tight, you should wait and provide supportive care to see if the condition resolves on its own. If you do not do this, then you can easily subject your child to medical treatment unnecessarily.

Side-Effects of Tight ForeskinProblem

Side-Effects of Tight Foreskin Problem

Steroids (topical containing steroids) can sometimes cause thinning of the skin. However, no need to worry about such a case. Your child may also feel dizzy for a few days after the procedure. An infection can be prevented to maintain hygiene and to ensure that dressings are changed regularly.

Cost of Treatment in India for Tight Foreskin

Cost of Treatment in India for Tight Foreskin

The cost can range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. The cost of treatment depends on where you are processing. Steroid creams can cost from Rs 100 to Rs 300.

What are the treatment options?

There are no home remedies for the treatment of tight skin (Tight Foreskin). Patients will always have to think well so that they can be cured quickly. And to be able to return to their routine, the patient should listen carefully to the doctor’s advice and follow it. However, there is no benefit to its domestic treatment. Therefore, doctors also refuse it. For this, adequate rest is very important so that the patient can recover soon. According to research, Dr. Chirag Bhandari is the best sexologist in Jaipur, he has re-created the spoiled life of many people.


Tight skin is a problem where the skin above the penis cannot be pulled. It is a rare condition that affects less than a million people in a year. The skin above the phimosis penis looks like a tight rubber band. It can cause complications such as bleeding, painful urination, and pain in the link. Treatment should be followed carefully because even a little carelessness in the treatment may result in complications.

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