5 Things To Know Before Moving To Lisbon

Lisbon is renowned for many things, including its wonderful ancient city, lovely buildings with adorable colorful tiles, and incredible cuisine. The city itself may persuade anybody who appreciates culture, pleasant weather, and delectable cuisine. Here are five things to know before moving to the capital of Portugal.

1. Learn the Language

You must begin practicing your Portuguese as soon as possible to be able to be accepted into your new home and be respected as a “local.” It’s fun to learn a new language–It broadens one’s perspectives, unlocks doors in the social and professional worlds, and even offers health advantages!

Your mother tongue might have an impact on how difficult Portuguese is for you. One of the Romance languages is Portuguese, hence having knowledge of another Romance language is quite advantageous.

Your determination is a key factor as well. Consider how much simpler it is to spend hours doing something you like rather than something that seems like work. Last but not least, every person reacts uniquely to various learning methodologies. Learning the Portuguese language will be quite simple if you use the appropriate materials for yourself.

2. Get Used to the Diverse Cuisines

Culture is expressed through food. Home is where you find good food. We don’t really appreciate how crucial food is to our health until we are away from home. Not just any meal, though, our familiar meal. The joy of sampling new meals and learning about their cultures increases while traveling to a distant nation. But before long, we can begin to miss the familiar and beloved meals. Food has the ability to heal us, and for some people, missing their favorite foods can actually make them homesick.

Portuguese food is diverse and rich, full of perfume and taste, and there are many dishes that are crowned as Lisbon staples. However, it has not yet gained the same international fame as other European countries. Despite the fact that Lisbon has a long history of maritime, a play of spices, chilies, and flavors from all over the world to the city’s traditional seafood and fish meals.

3. You’ll Be Walking a Lot

People in Lisbon love walking; while public transportation is accessible when needed, it’s probable that you’ll spend most of your time in your nearby area doing errands, enjoying entertainment, and making friends. This necessitates a lot of walking rather than utilizing public transportation. Your heels are not very valuable here due to the slopes and cobblestones that cover the city center!

Walking is the best method to learn about a new place since it’s inexpensive, simple, and healthful. It also enables you to understand the core of the city’s culture. Walking is good for the environment since it reduces traffic and associated pollution. Walking is frequently quicker than other forms of transportation to explore top highlights since top attractions are frequently grouped together close to each other in cities.

4. Accommodations Are Important

Finding a location to move in might seem a little intimidating, but finding a place that feels like home is crucial to your renewal experience. Plan to learn as much as you can about the communities and housing alternatives where you intend to relocate.

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Finding a place overseas doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might seem, thanks to Facebook groups for expats and travelers, apartment providers, housing search engines, and contacting local realtors. If you intend to relocate for a long-term period then a furnished apartment in Lisbon sounds like the best housing option instead of choosing a hotel room. 

Something that can be challenging for an expat that, is deciding the location that meets all of their requirements. Lisbon has a notable distinction: while there are hundreds of houses available for purchase at any given moment, there are only a few that are offered for rental. This is because locals in Portugal tend to prefer buying over renting because the country makes it quite simple for people to own houses. Keep your choices open and begin discussions about homes as early as you can.

5. Lisbon is an amazing place to live in

The advantage of Lisbon is that it is less expensive than places like Paris, Berlin, or London. Since operating costs in Portugal are lower than in many other European nations, many international entrepreneurs relocate here.

Portugal is renowned for its beaches and scenery, and the entire nation has numerous sights worth seeing. You may see some of the most recognizable Portuguese structures in the Lisbon region, such as the Tower of Belém and Jerónimos Monastery. You might (and should) also go to Sintra’s neighborhood or travel south of the Tagus River to see the Cristo Rei, for instance.

Lisbon is also well known as “the city of the seven hills,” and after a weekend of seeing the city on foot, you will undoubtedly feel each one in your calves. You won’t be let down by the warmth of the people, the weather, or the standard of living in the Portuguese capital!

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