The Gospel Singer And Songwriter Dottie Peoples

If you’ve been into gospel music for a while, you won’t be able to get past some of the well-known personalities. One of these stars in the gospel genre is Dottie Peoples. In this article, we will take a closer look at her resume and career.

Dottie Peoples was born on August 12, 1950. She is a businessperson, songwriter, singer, actor, and record producer. She has a successful album called On-Time God and lived in Memphis, from 1995. Her father, Robert Milton, worked for General Motors, raising ten children. Currently, Dottie Peoples is not engaged in a relationship.

Dottie is the firstborn and the only songster on their homestead. Dottie began singing at an early age of 9 when she was in her local church and high school choir. She has won several awards. Dottie Peoples has a great love for people, and she is passionate about sharing the gospel via music. Anytime she takes over the stage, she has a completely transmittable joy and people love her.

When Dottie was a little girl, she moved to stay with her grandmother in Birmingham during the summer season, where they attended church on Sabbath without fail. Dottie performed jazz in jazz clubs, although her mother did not like her to travel so much. Dottie did not enjoy singing secular music, which made her relocate to her homeland Atlanta and back to her gospel roots.

Nineties Dottie’s Journey

Gospel music is said to have exploded in the nineties. Peoples signed with Atlanta International Records in 1991, a year after producing, directing, and hosting a radio station. In 1993 her album, known as live, made her nominated for Stellar Awards as the best female solo performer of traditional music. The victory of her album made her quit the position she had at Door Records and start singing full time.

In 1995 Dottie’s album called On-Time God made her win song of the year and amendment her character in a gospel song. In the same year, Dottie received a vision award from Bobbie Jones Gospel Today Magazine. Dottie traveled around with several gospel artists all over the nineties, Jasper Williams Crusade for Christ Ministry being among them.

Peoples not only sing but also writes many of her songs, for instance, Testify, which won several nominations for awards, from her 1996 album. “God Will and God Can” emerged as her 9th album in 1999. Peoples sang her new album to an audience of 4500 in Decatur, Georgia.

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Dottie People as a Business Person

Besides Peoples writing and singing gospel songs, she is also a business person. Dottie produces her songs. She also produces songs for Reverend Smith, Reverend Andrew, Wings of Faith Mass Choir, and Songbirds of Byhalia. Dottie’s net worth is approximately $14 million. Peoples was employed as a general manager of Church Door Records, where she served for many years. She also launched her radio show.

If you love gospel music and haven’t heard one of her songs yet, you should do it right now.

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