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Symonne Harrison is an American actress and a model who rose to fame for playing a lead role in a television series. Not only that, but she continues to garner attention from the populace through her Instagram as well. With that being said, she is an Instagram model and a YouTuber. 

Because of her raw talent and skills, she has won numerous awards at various dance competitions. Apart from that, she even performed at Walt Disney World. Her unmatched beauty rendered her to be the face of many beauty magazines.

She has worked with many prominent and established brands, starting from Lip Smacker to Beach Waver. She has also appeared in the famous Showtime series called The Affair. The Affair first aired on the HBO channel. Apart from her prime time daily, she also appeared in the Nickelodeon show Hot Mess.

Who Is Symonne Harrison?

Symonne Harrison was born on 19th June 2006 in Ohio, America. She was born to two loving parents, Jim and Tania Harrison, and had a warm home. Her parents managed to give her a beautiful and secure lifestyle. However, Symonne’s desire to become something on her own helped her get ahead of the rat race. 

She is a Gemini and follows Christianity for her religion. She lives in Los Angeles, California. The fifteen years old teenager chose to make her path in the entertainment industry. The teenager continues to grab the attention of the populace through her acting skills, and irresistible beauty. 

One of the major fields where she wants to dominate is dancing. She started dancing when she was just 2 years old. Moreover, she started her acting career at the age of seven only. 

When it comes to her education, Symonne Harrison is currently a student. She is a high school student. Currently, she has enrolled in a local high school situated in Cleveland, United States. Apart from that, she got herself enrolled in the same high school from where she enrolled for her middle school as well. 

Although she is a remarkable student, she has expressed her willingness to be working as an actor or dancer. She wants to complete her education, however, it is dancing and a career that she chooses. Stay with Apzo Blog till the end!


As we have already revealed that she loves to act, there is much to the young actress than what meets the common eyes. Let us share with you some hard facts regarding Symonne. 

  • She was born on 19th June 2006, therefore, Symonne Harrison’s Age is 16 years old. 
  • She follows Christianity. 
  • Her hobbies include dancing and acting. 
  • Her nickname is Snick. 
  • She participated in many dancing competitions in her hometown. She won in those competitions.
  • She started acting at the age of 7. 

Physical Description

As we have already mentioned that Harrison is an actress by profession. Therefore, she always has to carry herself smartly and that too in a healthy way. Her height is 1.54 meters. In other words, she is 5 feet 1 inch tall. 

She weighs around 106 pounds or 48 kilograms. Her hair color is natural brown whereas the color of her eyes is black. She also participated in some dance competitions many years back. And as a result, she won. 

Dancing is her passion, and the passion led her to win multiple different accolades. However, she desired to be an actress. She pursued her dreams and applied her skills of acting in the field of entertainment. This led her to bag many roles, including on HBO and Nickelodeon series. 

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Personal Life Of Symonne Harrison

When it comes to sharing details regarding her personal life, Harrison has kept it under wraps. However, we do have information regarding her parents. As we mentioned earlier, she was born to Jim and Tania Harrison. Both of them are loving and support the decisions their daughter has taken regarding her career. 

She is an only child. Therefore, she has no siblings. Her father is a successful businessman who never stepped down from making her family happy. In addition to this, her mother is a homemaker who made sure their home is warm and full of love. 

She started her career at a very young age so support became an important requirement. The constant support of her parents made her climb the ladder of success. So, when she was just 11 years old, she moved to Los Angeles, California to work on her career. 

Romantic Relationship

The young 15nyear old teenager is currently dating Nick Bencivengo. As both of them are quite young, one can rest assured that they have not tied the knot yet. 

The young couple is very much in love and has been dating for quite so long. Nick is a Tiktok star himself. Apart from that, he is a social media influencer as well. 

From time to time, she shares cozy pictures with him on her social media platforms. She calls him “love” in her posts. Recently she went on a trip with her boyfriend calling him her paradise. Before she started dating Nick, sources revealed that she was associated with Ayden Mekus.

Hobbies, Likes, And Dislikes

If just knowing what she does and who she is dating is not enough then you are in the right place. 

  • Symonne adores Emma Watson and uses her as one of her inspirations. She always watches her movies. 
  • Her favorite color is pink. 
  • When it comes to food, she always thinks of gorging on fast food. 
  • Her favorite pop stars are Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. She listens to them sing almost all the time. 

Net Worth

As we have already mentioned, she is an actress. She has endorsed famous brands. Apart from that, she has become an entrepreneur and an inventor at the age of 15 only. Not only that, but she has also launched her product line which she calls “Bear in the Chair”. 

Her product aims to help autistic children. To add to her achievement, she is a child ambassador of the National Invention League. Because of all these, one can assume her net worth to be around 1 million dollars. 

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Social Media Platforms Of Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison is very active on social media accounts. She is quite famous among her fans and audiences. Currently, she has an account on Instagram and Twitter. It is here she keeps updating her fans about her next projects. Apart from that, she uses all these platforms to keep her fans updated about her recent and next projects. She also uses the platform to showcase her life. 


How Old Is Symonne Harrison?

She was born on 19th June 2006. Therefore, she is 16 years old. 

Is Symonne Married?

The status of Symonne Harrison Married is no. As of now, she is not married. She is only fifteen years old and is only concerned about flourishing in her career. 

Is Nick Bencivengo Married?

No. Currently, Nick is dating Symonne. Both of them are young and ambitious. They are still striving toward making their professional life thrive. 

Ending Note

That is all on Symmone Harrison. All the information that we shared is the latest. Hopefully, you enjoyed this. If you want to know more about Harrison, we recommend you follow her on her social media accounts. Moreover, you can also subscribe to our blog to stay updated on what takes place in the life of celebrities. 

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