How to Swipe Between Photos on Instagram PC? [Explained]

Now over a decade, Instagram remains one of the most popular photos and video-sharing social networking platforms globally. It has become a cross-generational person, and has been loved by millions of people (regardless of age) because of its elegant design, user-friendly interface, and the life information of other people provided to us by the app, whether it’s photos of our life. Favorite, or the latest hilarious content to copy on Instagram from our favorite meme page.

And it’s supposed to be easy. We want to come home after a long day at work, sit on the couch and move between them quickly and easily, slide and double tap on our feed, our friends’ stories, the latest reels. For iOS and Android versions of apps, this should be a problem; however, for those of us who like to use Instagram on the PC, the functionality seems to be significantly reduced.

One of the major issues many seem to find is an apparent inability to swipe between a post with multiple photographs or videos– a post you’ll identify by the several gray and blue dots under the first picture. For a long time, the Instagram desktop application did not have built-in features. Thankfully times have changed now.

This change comes at a time when businesses are increasingly using the growing platform to promote their products and services by publishing attractive images. That’s why Instagram developers have introduced a slider bar to expand their reach to computer users. In this blog post we will answer common questions about this platform.

If you want to know about it, then, here are the ways you can swipe between photos on Instagram PC.


To swipe between photos on your PC or laptop in Instagram, you can use the trackpad or the extra left and right buttons. However, all these two options are available depending on the PC or laptop you are using or the Instagram Version you have installed on your PC


If you are using a laptop or PC with a touch screen, you can use the touchpad to browse photos on the Instagram PC. The trackpad allows you to scroll with two fingers; so you have to swipe left or right to view multiple pictures uploaded by other users to your Instagram feed. Here you can find Best Apps to Download Movies.


The third method of using Instagram to switch between photos on the PC is to use the latest updated Instagram software. You can try to download the latest update patch from Instagram.If you are using the updated version, you will find two swipe arrows, one added on the right and the other added on the right. Using these two buttons, you can move the image to the right or left.


The last option for the Instagram swipe between the photos on PC is to use the 4-way scrolling mouse. This is because this mouse has a number of unique features that allow you to easily control your computer. Clicking the left scroll bar will move the Instagram photos to the left, and If you click to the right, it will swipe the Instagram photo to the right. It is that simple when you use a four-way scroll mouse.

How To Swipe Between Multiple Photos On Instagram Pc?

If you see multiple dots under a photo in an Instagram post, it means that the post contains multiple photos. Each point represents a photo; therefore, you can find out the number of photos submitted by calculating points.

You can use these dots to move between photos on Instagram PC by clicking on them. Every dot represents a particular photo; therefore, you will view the photo in that position if you click on the dot. You can click any point and any image will automatically open.  

The second way to move multiple photos on the PC using Instagram is to hover the mouse pointer over one of the photos.After hovering on the photo, you will see small semi-transparent arrows located on the right side of the first photo. Then click on the arrow, and this arrow will take you to another image of the post. Now you see two sliding arrows left and right in the second picture. If you wish to swipe back to the previous photo, click on the left-side arrow, but click on the right-side arrow if you want to view the other images.

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