‘Tiktok’ Star Kylie Strickland Arrested For Flashing Minors

During a live stream, Kylie Strickland arrested for flashing minors in front of them. In June 2022, Kylie posted a video on social media. Kylie was pictured with two minors at a swimming pool. Following complaints, the authorities arrested her the next day after the video became viral. 

If you need to get more familiar with Kylie Strickland, she is a famous TikTok star. Originally from LaGrange, Georgia, she now lives in Atlanta. She has a lot of followers on social media. In addition, she has garnered a significant following on TikTok. Interested in learning more about the TikTok star and the recent incident? This article is the right place to find out.

A video clip allegedly showing her lifting her top and exposing herself in a swimming pool caused her to become a topic of discussion. During the video, you can hear Kylie Strickland asking the young children, “You want to see titties? Bottle up! She live-streamed the video from her account. There is still no information about the boy’s exact ages.

Who is Kylie Strickland?

Her TikTok account was launched in May 2020 by 30-year-old Kylie Strickland. On her kyliestrickland3 TikTok account, she has more than 260,000 followers and over seven million likes. There is a private setting for her performance at the moment.

Kylie Strickland is well known for her TikTok videos. She hails from LaGrange, Georgia. It was lip-syncing videos and comedy sketches that she began her social media career with. She became famous and popular due to these videos. The TikTok profile on which she is active has around 260k followers and 7 million likes. 

However, after her account was removed after the flashing video appeared, she was forced to remove it. Her social media presence extends beyond TikTok to Instagram as well. A private Instagram account with 62.3k followers has been created for her. Besides her account on Onlyfans, she also has one on Fanpop.

Kylie Strickland TikTok

At the beginning of her career, Kylie Strickland used TikTok. Initially, she posted lip-sync videos and comedy sketches. These videos gained her the popularity that she enjoys. The video estimated that she had around 260k followers on TikTok and 7 million likes on her profile. The authorities removed her account after she flashed two minors.

Kylie Strickland Onlyfans 

Kylie Strickland Onlyfans

In addition to being highly active on TikTok, Kylie also has a page on Onlyfans. Among her posts, there is adult content. To access the content there, you must subscribe.

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Kylie Strickland Was Arrested

Kylie posted the video to social media on July 28, 2022. It showed Kylie swimming with two minors. A day after Kylie posted this video, she was arrested on complaints by the authorities after it became viral. The County Sheriff’s Office was informed about this alleged video by someone, according to Fox News. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office then initiated an investigation.

Kylie Strickland provided inappropriate content on June 29, according to the Pike County Sheriff’s Office. Officers conducted a preliminary investigation based on this information. Kylie has been charged with computer or electronic pornography and child exploitation based on the investigation findings. Sheriff’s officials also stated that they had consulted with the district attorney’s office before making their decisions. There is compelling evidence that supports the arrest of Kylie, and the charges against her are legal under the law.

How Long Has Kylie Been In Jail?

Until Kylie’s bond hearing is held, she will remain in police custody, according to authorities. She told her story following the alleged incident before being detained.

TikTok and Instagram users claimed the influencer was not responsible for parenting others’ children in a since-deleted clip. “The little boys have probably seen more boobs than I have combined.”

On the night I went to the pool, they took tequila shots. Online information about allegedly leaked texts between Kylie and one of the boys’ fathers has emerged. In a text message, the father is said to have revealed to the online personality that he isn’t upset about the incident.

According to reports, he wrote to her: “Nah, you good, someone got mad they had to pay for seeing them while the boys didn’t.” Asked the creator what she thought, he replied, “I figured you didn’t care, but just wanted to be sure.”. It is my fault. So, I apologize. But let me make sure you weren’t upset.”


By recent updates, Kylie is currently incarcerated. Thus, what happens to her ultimately remains to be seen. She could spend a long time behind bars if convicted of the charges against her. As a consequence, her social media career has also been severely damaged. Therefore, she would have difficulty regaining her social media glory, even if she managed to escape harsh punishment.

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