Spring Fashion Essentials You Need for 2022

Spring is a bit of a strange time at the moment. Temperatures that used to be predictable are now surprising us left, right, and center, which means choosing outfits for the seasons can become a little complicated. Not to mention, we are still trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends in the fashion world.

With that in mind, along with the predicted fashion trends for spring 2022, let us take a look at what spring fashion essentials you should get your hands on for this new season.

Get Layering

Since it is almost impossible to accurately predict what weather we are going to be getting on a week-by-week basis, having plenty of layering items on hand can certainly help with the shifts in the weather and temperature. It is very easy to put layers back on when it gets chilly, or to take them off when that random bout of extremely hot sunshine happens.

Clothes that make excellent layers include crop tops, t-shirts, vests or tanks, and sweatshirts.

If it is going to be a particular nippy day, then layering with a crop top, then a vest or tank, followed by a t-shirt and a sweatshirt is the best way to trap your body heat in with the layers and look stylish at the same time! If you find that you have a bunch of favorite t-shirts that you can no longer wear, do not throw them out! Use a company such as myt-shirtblanket.com to turn all of your fashion t-shirts into a blanket—another great option and very unique option for keeping the chill away when you are at home.

A Lightweight Jacket

Another useful staple to have on hand is a lightweight jacket. Much like layering, you can take this on and off as you need to, and it will help keep any April showers off your clothes as well. Denim jackets can be a particularly good choice for spring as they can be either a heavy or lightweight material depending on what you require; and they also offer a timeless look. Shackets can also be a great choice for a lightweight jacket too, showcasing the effortless combination of a jacket and a shirt for casual style.

Lighter Colors

As the nights get lighter, so do our clothes! Start stepping out in pastels, spring whites, and light washes to start embodying the new season. Throw your dark jeans to the back of the closet and opt for some light-washed denim, pastel shorts and skirts, and even white trousers!

Lighter colors are not appropriate for all activities, or for those who are particularly messy, so it is worth considering whether you are going for a hike or are going to be around children if you want your clothes to stay crisp.

If you are feeling particularly bold, neon colors are making a show-stopping appearance in this year’s fashion trends, so think lime and neon yellow for a pop of color over pastels!

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