Spiti Valley Taxi Tour From Manali

The Spiti Valley in the Lahaul Spiti district of Himachal is nothing less than a paradise. A few months in a year it is open for picnics. Despite this, it is the first choice of many tourists. Despite heavy snowfall every year, this place attracts tourists from all over the world. Greenery is rarely seen in this valley bordering Ladakh and Tibet. The cool desert and snow-capped mountains add to its beauty. Hire a taxi rental Spiti valley service for sightseeing here.

The district also has several large lakes that freeze during winter. Tourists can come here in the summer months. Most days in winter, this valley remains cut off from the outside world. Spiti comes at number one in the list of top destinations to spend holidays in May. Outside the crowd, tourists spend many days in the serene environment here. One of the oldest monasteries in the world, the bird’s eye view and the bumpy roads are typical of Spiti. It also has many lakes and valleys and is a treasure of natural beauty.

Spiti is perfect for summer because the weather here is very difficult in winter due to very cold. In May, the average temperature of Spiti is between 18 and 25 degrees. Greenery is rarely seen in this valley bordering Ladakh and Tibet. The cool desert and snow-capped mountains around add to its beauty. Delhi to Spiti taxi hire service can be the best option to explore the copious beauty of this place.

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Spiti valley lies between the highest Himalayan ranges of Jaskar and Himachal. Kunjum La – Literally, the meeting-place for ibex (a kind of mountain goat) – this is the tenth link between Lahaul and Spiti. The Manali road through Lahaul enters the valley via Kunjum La. The pass also connects Batla in the Upper Chandra Valley and Losar, the first village in the Spiti Valley. Kunj La is passable on foot from May / June to October / November and snowfall here is less than Rohtang Pass. The Chandra River flows west of this pass and also has a track that connects it to the enchanting Chandra Tal (4220 m). Book a holiday taxi tour in Spiti valley and enjoy your trip.

Spiti has four distinct areas and its main valleys are Spiti Valley, Ling Valley, and Pin Valley. Spiti, the subdivision of Lahaul Spiti district, is rough in its locality and thus more difficult to cross. The river valleys of Spiti still add some charm to the otherwise barren valley like the river Spiti which rises east of Kunjum La.

Spiti’s beauty appears only for four months. For the rest of the year it is hidden under a white veil of snow. Winters are usually spent in spinning and weaving clothes. Woolen clothes are worn by locals to trap body heat – in fact, even yaks and mules get their share of designer Wallen.

Words about Spiti will not be complete until the edges of Spiti are mentioned. The Rocks found here are information banks on the geological history of the Himalayas, while some of the valleys here are helpful in studying the construction of this elevated mountain range. Spiti Shales or Ammonites are very well known in the field of geology. These were once living creatures that went extinct about one hundred million years ago. They are now in fossil form. The Ammonites living at one time under the sea and the tectonic thrusts that formed these regions also rendered them unconscious. Many people are called Shaligram and are considered very rare and lucky.

Most of Spiti’s mountains are still unclaimed by climbers. Spiti thus invites scores of climbers as well as trekkers to come and revisit their uninhabited terrain where Indian and Tibetan culture has mingled with each other. If you want to experience the Tibetan culture of Spiti valley, a taxi rental Spiti valley would be a great choice. Hire a holiday taxi tour Himachal and make your trip memorable and more enjoyable.

How to reach – The nearest airport is Bhuntar, from where you can take a taxi and travel 245 kilometers to reach Spiti. Apart from this, the nearest railway station is Shimla. From Manali, you can reach Spiti via Rohtang pass by the road. The distance from Manali to Spiti is 196 kilometers.

Day 1:- Transfer From Manali to Kaza

It is a good long drive from Manali to Kaza via Rohtang and Kunzum pass located at an altitude of 3,979 m and (4,590 m) respectively. This adventurous drive is made extremely safe for you by appointing the best driver and other safety measures for you. We make sure to keep the drive as comfortable as possible. You just enjoy the valleys, snow-capped mountain ranges and majestic scenery alongside the road. On arrival at Kaza, stay in the hotel and relax overnight.

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Day 2:  Sightseeing around Kaza

Today’s a thrilling day at Kaza. We go local sightseeing at Kaza villages and enjoy the hospitality of locals who are warm enough to welcome you with open arms. The innocence that you will find here is unmatched and seems possible only in heaven. Such a magical aura of this place will drive you deep towards the enlightenment.  Once you are acquainted with locals, the rest of the journey gets easier and happier. We shall visit the monastery in Kaza, also if possible we would be visiting the Hikkim village-popular for being the highest located village in the world. The next stop can be the Key Monastry and the Kibber village. In the evening, we drive you back to your hotel in Kaza.

Day 3: Kaza local sightseeing

Kaza is bordered by many other beautiful villages like Langza and Komic villages. Drive to Langza, enjoy talking to local people, shop at local markets, and enjoy the local delicacies of the town. In the evening, return back to the hotel and spend the evening doing leisure activities.

Day 4: Kaza – Pin Valley – Kaza

The very popular pin valley is home to a cold desert National Park which is located in Himachal Pradesh. Here, you can find many northern animals if you go deep into the National Park. However, keep it till out is a better option. We don’t want any address to a wild animal. After enjoying the park, you can drive back to your hotel.

Day 5: Kaza to Tabo

Tabo is famous for its monasteries- Tabo monastery, the oldest monastery located in the Himalayas. Further, we will drive you towards Kaza. On the way, you can take a halt at the Dhankar Village, Dhankar monastery as well as the fort. The evening is all yours to explore the local market of Kaza.

Day 6: Kaza to Chandertal Lake

The 6th day starts with a drive towards the Chandertal Lake while crossing the Battal and the Kunzum Pass. You can enjoy the charming CB ranges peaks. You can spend the entire day here followed by night stay at the Chandertale Lake camp admiring the unmatched beauty of this lake and surroundings

Day 7: Chandertal to Manali

So, the trip is over and hope you had the time of your life. Today you will be driven back to Manali after a filling breakfast in the camps.

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