Compare And Contrast: Sniper Vs Super Sniper

There are plenty of options to consider when you’ve got the itch to upgrade. You might want to tune your suspension, or you may want to replace its rims. If you’re particularly ambitious, though, perhaps you’re considering installing a new fuel injector system. Updating your fuel injectors — or replacing your car’s carburetor — can be a great way to give it some extra power on the road. If you’re trying to choose between the SBC Holley Sniper and the Super Sniper, though, it can be a difficult decision. Find out the many differences between these two powerhouse systems — and decide which one is better for your car’s performance needs.

Upgrade Your Engine With the Holley Sniper

The original Sniper system is the classic entry in the Holley line of products. This system offers an upgraded performance in its all-in-one complete kit. Users will enjoy the individual fuel injectors included in the kit alongside the electronic fuel injector monitor that’s included, too. To install the Holley Sniper, you simply need to mount the electronic control unit onto the throttle body and connect it to your car’s battery. Follow the rest of the instructions to ensure that it’s mounted properly and use the Calibration Wizard to set it up. Your Holley Sniper EFI kit will then be ready for action.

The Holley Sniper is preferred amongst many motorists because of its ability to radically upgrade an engine’s performance. Many people report that their vehicle starts more easily with the Holley Sniper system, and it may even be able to improve your car’s fuel efficiency. All of these benefits make it the obvious choice for upgrade enthusiasts, classic car owners, and anybody else who simply wants to replace their underperforming carburetor with a better system. The Sniper can provide the upgraded performance you seek with a simple DIY installation.

Give Your Engine Superpowers With the Super Sniper

With the many advantages that the Sniper offers, it may seem difficult to top. Amazingly, though, Holley has created a system that one-ups its predecessor — the Holley Super Sniper. If you’re looking for a Holley Sniper for sale, you should consider upgrading to the Super Sniper. This system offers all the same upgraded benefits as its little sister, but it brings some additional power to the table, too, in the form of four extra injectors. Indeed, while the original Sniper system only offers four, the Super Sniper offers eight. This doubles the boost you get and offers an incredible improvement in power.

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Other additional features include the supercharged horsepower that the Super Sniper provides. It can handle 1250 HP of power compared to the original Sniper’s 650 HP. This makes it the ideal option for anybody whose first priority is performance. No matter what kind of car you drive or how far you want to push its performance, the Holley Sniper — or Super Sniper — can help you achieve your goals. Find out why auto enthusiasts everywhere love the Holley line of fuel injector systems.

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