7 Ways To Hack Your Way To More Slots Winnings

Learning how to win at slot machines isn’t exactly easy, but it’s not impossible either. There are some tried and true ways you can use to your advantage to make the most of your time spent gambling and increase your odds of winning big at the casino slots games you play. Check out our list of seven top hacks to help you hack into more slots winnings!

1) Play all the games

Do your research and play all of your favorite games. That way, you can find out which games are most profitable for you. God55 has all of your gaming needs covered, including card games, slot machines, and other casino games. If you consistently win on a certain machine, it’s most likely because that game provides an edge that others don’t. Machines aren’t all created equal. some pay better than others, while some have very low payout percentages, meaning they could cost you in the long run. Remember: You can’t get a prize if there aren’t any prizes to be won! The more you play with different machines and figure out their upsides and downsides, the more likely it is that you will be able to choose which slot machine is best for you—and where is the best place to play it.

2) Choose a low denomination game

You may have heard that you should opt for games with higher denominations, but Prof. Mark Lutter of Simon Business School says playing at slots with low denominations can increase your potential winnings. Why? The lower slot machines have fewer winning combinations (in other words: it’s harder to get a payout), so there is less competition among players. That means you’re more likely to play without interruption and expect more frequent wins. So don’t be afraid of penny slots! You might find yourself cashing in more often than if you were playing on nickel machines at your local bar or casino!

3) Get free credits through free spin promotions

Most casinos offer special promotions that reward you with free credits for just signing up. These free spins come in many forms, but no matter what they’re called (bounty spins, welcome bonuses, sign-up bonuses, etc.), these offers give you one or more bonus rounds—that is, additional games—at no cost. By opening up a casino account and making your first deposit into it, you’ll be eligible for a bonus round at most casinos that have an online presence. They’ll often advertise their sign-up promotions on their homepages—just look for a banner or large text promoting free spin bonuses upon account creation.

4) Use your player’s card

Using your player’s card means you can build loyalty points that you can use later as cashback. These points will also give you an idea of your favorite games and allow you to see which slot is most profitable for your play style. You don’t even have to spend real money to get these rewards! Many casinos offer these rewards even if you choose not to play with real money, and some will offer additional perks like hotel discounts or free meals just for using their player’s card. It all depends on which casino you visit, so be sure and check them out before playing! In addition, always make sure that any player’s club or rewards program is worth it before jumping into a new one.

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5) Look out for progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpots are larger and more complicated than regular slot wins. The progressive jackpot starts small and increases with every bet placed on a machine. Many online slots offer some kind of progressive jackpot – you can usually find it displayed on the screen. Once you’ve seen it, try to play on that machine as much as possible! Progressive wins are generally worth millions of dollars, so if you see one going up, it might be worth trying your luck to win big! If there’s no progressive jackpot available at any given time, make sure that you spin for fun too! It doesn’t hurt to play online slots for free sometimes – just keep an eye out for any games that may have special promos attached to them.

6) Play when you are feeling lucky

Playing when you feel lucky is a tried-and-true strategy for taking advantage of slot machines. Psychologists have studied gamblers, both in casinos and at home with video games, and found that emotions often determine whether we win or lose. When people play while upset or angry, they are more likely to throw good money after bad. In other words, playing when you’re bummed out isn’t always a good idea—especially if it involves pulling a lever on a machine rather than depositing your hard-earned cash at an ATM. So whenever possible, play when you feel lucky! It might be easier said than done, but it will lead to better results.

7) Know when to stop playing

If you’re not playing smart and tend to chase your losses, you’re probably playing too long. As long as you have money in your machine, keep an eye on it. If it looks like you’re losing consistently, stop—or change machines so that you won’t drain any more of your money. Remember that slot payback percentages vary significantly from game to game; one of them might be paying off for you when another is draining your bankroll. It all depends on luck, of course, but if it keeps happening, switch tables or machines.


As you’ve seen from all these tips, slots aren’t just a simple game of chance. They can take some skill and some strategy. Now that you know how to win big in slot machine games, let it ride! Your chances of winning have never been higher. All slots players stand a better chance at winning by keeping at least one or two of these helpful tips in mind when they visit their favorite casino floor.

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