Skincare Mistakes We Make In Our Daily Routine (Sensitive Skin Version)

If you want to have that glossy clear skin you have wanted, I am pretty sure you follow a long skincare routine. Different products for the A.M and the P.M. You may have spent a great amount of money on expensive skincare products but your skin stills seem to not clear up.

It is frustrating when you are investing so much time, energy and money into your skincare routine and still not getting results. In fact, you feel like you keep worsening your sensitive skin. This is neither a coincidence nor a faulty product. The problem might lie in your way of carrying out your daily skincare routine.

We all spend a great deal on applying the products on our faces day and night, but we never fully research about how we should do it correctly. This sheer mistake is what causes most of your outbreaks.

Using Harsh Skincare Products.

If you have sensitive skin and keep having outbreaks and the curse of cilia (yes I will call cilia curse for they are so hard to get rid of), you may want to use lighter products. Remember, you must avoid ingredients such as parabens, carbon blacks, oxybenzone, etc in your skincare routine. Buy sensitive skin products by Synergie Skin to get the lightweight and soft products that your skin deserves. Synergie Skin care products guarantee a flawless smooth skin without irritating the skin in just a few weeks of regular usage.

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Over Exfoliation.

The second most major mistake we all make is exfoliating our skin too much. Remember, exfoliators have harsh ingredients which are especially irritable and day versus for sensitive skin types. They include ingredients such as glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids and physical exfoliators which are very bad for your skin if they are overused. Ideally, normal skin types require exfoliation twice a week at max while sensitive skin types are advised to exfoliate just once a week. 

Using Water That Is Too Hot.

Hot water may feel nice to you, especially after a cool day. You may get too carried away and take a burning hot shower for a little too long. We also tend to scrub our faces with hot water frequently during the day. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make, especially the people that have sensitive skin types. Hot water dries out the skin like nothing else. Dehydrated skin irritates the skin twice as fast.

Not Removing Make Up Properly.

Make-up-removing wipes have become more common to remove makeup. However, experiments show that these wipes do not truly remove makeup. Instead, they might push makeup deeper into your pores and let them dry out there. This is one the major reasons of breakouts. Always cleanse your face with a cleanser to remove makeup.

Using Comedogenic Products.

If you have sensitive skin, you must avoid comedogenic products at all costs. Comedogenic ha just another fancy word for products that clog your pores. When you are buying a product, make sure you check the ingredients and avoid products that have comedogenic ingredients.

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