Singaporean Acl Reconstruction Surgery: Is It Worth It?

In Singapore, there are 2,604 people with ACL injuries as of June 2018. The number continues to rise, with some sources showing an uptick in ACL surgeries year after year. With the increasing number of ACL injuries and surgeries, many people are wondering if surgery is really worth it. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of acl reconstruction treatment Singapore in general, and the surgical options for acl injuries in Singapore.

What is an ACL Injuries?

An ACL injury can occur during sports or other activities that involve moving quickly. Such activities include natural upper body movements like jumping, running, or pivoting, as well as unnatural movements like pivoting while skiing or doing a split. The ACL is a ligament (a band of tissue that connects two bones) that connects the femur (thigh) to the tibia (shin) in the knee joint. An ACL injury often affects young athletes who are trying to gain a competitive advantage by making quick movements.

Is ACL Surgery Worth it?

If you’re lucky enough to sustain an ACL injury, the first step is to see a sports medicine physician. While an ACL injury can result in arthritis, it can often be treated with rest, physiotherapy, and pain medications. If surgery is needed, there are many surgical options. Commercially available ACL reconstruction surgery kits (all done with a minimally invasive procedure) can be a good option for someone who is looking for a quick recovery but doesn’t want to risk their long-term knee health by undergoing more invasive surgery. ACL reconstruction surgery for Singaporeans is done using a tiny incision, which allows for a quick recovery and minimal pain.

Single vs Double Operation

There are two basic options for ACL reconstruction surgery in Singapore. Both involve removing a piece of the patient’s hamstring tendon and weaving it into the ACL to replace the original ligament. One option is called a hamstring graft. In this type of reconstruction, the surgeon takes out a small piece of the patient’s hamstring tendon and sews it into the ACL. The advantage of this option is that a small abdominal incision is used. Patients who opt for this surgery often return to sports earlier than those who undergo a more complex operation called an ACL graft.

Single vs Double Operation

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When to Have ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Injuries to the ACL often occur in the late teens or early 20s. This is due to the increased demand for the ACL during this time of growth. An ACL reconstruction surgery is recommended when the ACL has been torn and has been surgically repaired. Regardless of the age at which the ACL is injured, it’s important to follow a proper post-operative recovery protocol. This will ensure a quick and pain-free recovery. ACL reconstruction surgery is typically done between the ages of 17 and 23, with the surgery usually done in the younger group.

While ACL reconstruction surgery can be a good option for people who sustain ACL injuries, it’s important to see a thorough sports medicine physician and undergo a non-invasive evaluation first to see if non-operative options are a good fit for you. You may be able to get back to sports faster and with less pain after a non-operative treatment for your ACL injury, but ACL reconstruction surgery is usually recommended for younger people who suffer ACL injuries in their late teens or early twenties.

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