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Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Biography

We mostly know about the showbiz life which we have seen on the screen. Most of us are unaware of their personal life, their families, and their children. But we have a curiosity to find out what happened in their life and with whom they are living now. Are they being happy with their life?  You are aware of the name Robert Ellis Silberstein because of his excellent music which he provides as a senior manager in a music label in the industry. In this article, you have a chance to know about Robert Ellis Silberstein’s family, Net Worth, and their Children.

This blog is totally referred to by the famous star Robert Ellis Silberstein. We love to share her biography and net worth on Apzo Blog.

Real NameRobert Ellis Silberstein
Birthday5th January 1946
BirthplaceElberon, New Jersey, U.S.
Zodiac SignGemini
ProfessionEntrepreneur and Music executive
Married/WifeDiana Ross (Divorced)
IncomeUnder Review
Net Worth$50 million

Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Early Life:

Robert Ellis Silberstein's Early Life:

Robert Ellis Silberstein is a businessman and a music executive by profession. He was born in a rich family of Jewish in Elberton, New Jersey (America) on 5 January 1946. He never faces poverty in his life because he belonged to a wealthy family. His nickname is Bob Ellis. He graduated from West Virginia University and also started teaching there but after some time he left this job due to some misunderstanding with his staff and go to California.

In California, he worked with many famous stars such as Billy Preston, Meat Loss, Status Quo, Ronnie Wood, and Diana Ross. Due to his hard work and struggle, he gains everything which he wanted. He has a net worth of $50 million.

Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Marriage:

Robert Ellis is a single father now. He married Diana Ross on 20 January 1971. Diana Ross is a singer, actress, and record producer.  His wife Diana Ross dumps her husband. She was already in a relationship with Berry Gordy, who is a Motown founder. Robert Ellis gives divorced his wife in 1977 after 6 years of his marriage.

Before Giving Divorce To His Wife Diana Ross, Robert Ellis Said: 

‘My wife belongs to that company (Motown). She is totally dominated by a man (Berry Gordy) who never read a book in his life. I just stand it anymore to hear them calling Stevie Wonder a genius. What happened to Freud? ’
Via People Magazine, 1977

Later on, she married Arne Naess, in 1985. Arne Naess was a Norwegian businessman, shipping magnate, and mountaineer. He was a net worth of $600 million. This marriage had the same end as the previous one Arne Naess get divorced from Diana Ross in 2000 after 15 years of marriage. Arne Naess was the death in 2004, in South Africa during an accident. 

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Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Relation with daughters:

  • Robert Ellis Silberstein is close to his daughter, Rhonda Ross Kendrick, he is not his biological father. His biological is Berry Gordy. But Robert Ellis Silberstein adopt her because she was born when Diana Ross was his wife. She knows reality after a long time that Robert Ellis is not her real father. She was 13 years old and asked questions that why her appearance is different from her siblings.  Now she is an American actress, songwriter, singer, and Public Speaker.
  • Robert Ellis Silberstein has two children with Diana Ross, Trace Ellis Ross (born on 29 October 1972) and Chudney Ross (born on November 4, 1975). Trace Ellis is a TV actress and Television Presenter. And Chudney Ross is a producer and production manager.
  • He always loves his family and he never cheats on his wife. He is a family man. He loves his children and cares for them. In one of the interviews, he gave with People magazine he clearly blamed Berry Gordy (Motown founder) as a marriage breaker.

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Robert Ellis Silberstein’s Present Life:

Robert Ellis Silberstein's Present Life:

Robert Ellis Silberstein is now 74 years old. Robert Ellis divorce his wife never affect his relationship with his daughters. Recently he shared some of his photos on Instagram with his daughter and a grandchild. On Instagram, his fan shows much love to him and congratulate him. 

Robert Ellis still remains in a close relationship with Diana Ross, and they also joined Berry Gordy on his special day when he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award at the 2017 American Music Awards.
But he never married again after this experience. Nowadays he enjoyed a happy life with his daughters and he also shared these photos on social media accounts.

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I love his music and the way to transform music into a song. I also love to read his biography. He is a successful manager and managed many musicians, including Billy Preston. Share your expression or thoughts about Robert Ellis in the comment box.

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