Resuming Your Professional Career After Rehab

Substance use disorder impacts millions of people worldwide. The most challenging stage of addiction is getting started on the recovery path. Recovery takes time and dedication, and many people can work through the recovery process and positively change their life when they make an effort. 

To start recovery, you can enter either government-assisted programs or other facilities like serenity at summit. While the recovery stage is extremely challenging, the hard part doesn’t stop there. It can be difficult to get back in the professional field and get used to a routine that helps you regulate your life.

When you are at this stage, you will feel a multitude of problems, especially when getting back into the market. If you feel like things aren’t going your way, be committed and keep looking forward. This article will explain some of the problems you may face and solutions for resuming your professional career. 

Restarting your Professional Career

We will now discuss the steps you can take to restart your professional career and how you can go about it.

  1. Find a Stable a Job

The first step towards professional life is to utilize the available resources to start looking for a job. You need to consider a few things when looking at potential jobs. 

First, you need to ask yourself how you felt in your old job. Suppose the job had any elements such as restrictions or conditions that were part of the issue. If it is the case, you should prepare yourself for those elements and stay strong. If you have the choice and expertise to change your profession, you should opt for it. 

Stress can be the most significant factor in relapse; go for low-stress jobs just to get you started in the professional field, and once you feel like you can take on a challenge, move on to higher-stress positions.

  1. Explore Professional Relationships

Professional relationships are a valuable asset to improve your professional life. When you get into a field, either old or new, you need to rebuild your professional relationships. There are laws in place to protect you from any mishaps. Except for the legal requirements, you are not answerable to anyone. You might have colleagues ask about your absence, and they might feel like an interview. If you are going back to your old job, this is important for you.

As explained, you can opt to address any questions however you want outside the legal requirements. If you have trusting and supportive colleagues, they will help you rebuild your professional life. Having such colleagues will be a big help to keep you distracted from any problems. 

However, you need to be careful about choosing your confidants as the wrong people can use the information to create hurdles as you rebuild your professional career and relationships.

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  1. Prioritize Your Recovery

When looking for a job, you need to focus on jobs that don’t contain elements that can trigger a relapse. You need to look for jobs that will not interfere with your recovery process and still leave you time to attend the support groups.

Show your motivation and appreciation for the job by creating a professional image of yourself that everyone appreciates. How you present yourself after a long absence or at a new place will impact how your colleagues and superiors see you as a professional. 

Socialize with your colleagues and start working on professional relationships while still prioritizing your recovery. 

  1. Set Expectations

A strong foundation is vital during the recovery phase. If you have a strong foundation, you can withstand any storm and fight through the problems that may present themselves. One way to have a strong foundation is to have manageable and feasible expectations. Your expectations will strongly impact your professional life and especially long-term goals.

Try to start small and don’t get disheartened if you experience setbacks. Getting into high-stress situations right off the bat can impact your recovery progress. 

A professional career will help you ease back into your routine as long as you focus on recovery. So, you need to set your expectations and goals accordingly. 

  1. Legal Rights

To restart your professional career and have long-term stability, you need to know your legal rights. Several laws are in place to protect the privacy of recovering people. According to ADA, qualified professionals are protected from employment opportunity discrimination. And you can also take legal action if you experience discrimination based on your past.

Similarly, you are entitled to privacy and can refuse to share detailed medical history except in scenarios it’s a legal requirement by the employer.

  1. Work Habits

To reboot your professional life, you need to develop positive work habits. You can build excellent work habits by taking pointers from your rehab experience. You can use the techniques and management methods to organize your professional life and include healthy work habits that can help you build a professional profile.

An essential thing in this regard is being honest. Own up to your mistakes and show initiative while vowing to learn better.

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  1. Reality Check

To restart your professional career, you need to be mindful of professional realities. You will come out of rehab with a specific mindset and timeline for your goals. Make room for mistakes or setbacks in your plans. Some people who come out of rehab get a job within a month, but sometimes, they don’t get an interview for months.


Anyone who suffers from substance use disorder needs help, and various facilities and options are available to start the treatment process as soon as possible. After the initial recovery, there are still chances of relapse if you don’t take care. It is essential to have support groups to rebuild your professional life. 

Your past can become your biggest ally or enemy based on your attitude. Your past is a story you can tell, and you can use it to tell a tale of perseverance and strength. It is only possible when you accept yourself and make constant efforts for improvement.

It is also crucial to focus on your professional life; it can help you develop a foundation for a better tomorrow. An excellent professional foundation will help you begin your journey anew and open doors for you. 

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