South Carolina Living: Why To Consider Relocating To Myrtle Beach

If you were to ask anyone about the best destinations in South Carolina, then chances are most would say Myrtle Beach. This picturesque beach zone is always in the news for having brilliant water sports, fantastic nightlife options, and popular attractions. 

For those who are looking to relocate to SC, you may just find Myrtle Beach has everything you want and more. Of course, making a move anywhere is a huge decision that should never be taken lightly. Before you make any plans, here are some reasons why you should consider relocating to Myrtle Beach.

Plenty of Beaches

There is one thing that certainly draws tourists to this city – its beaches! In fact, Myrtle Beach has over 60 miles of uninterrupted coastline. Those who love being by the sea won’t have to worry about any overcrowding. The key is avoiding areas in front of major resorts. For families looking to relocate, there is nothing that beats bringing the kids along to the beach and having a dip in the sea. If you’d like to be near the sea, it’s wise to remain close to the boardwalk or head to Surfside. 

Countless Job Opportunities

Many people who relocate to Myrtle Beach do so for the job prospects on offer. Because the area is dominated by tourists, there are thousands of jobs in the tourism industry to take advantage of. This includes working in retail, restaurants, bars, and hotels. Essentially, anywhere that supports the tourist population. Many seniors spend their golden years in Myrtle Beach, meaning there’s the option to work in the medical field too.

Brilliant Housing

If you’re edging closer and closer to making the move to Myrtle Beach, you’re going to need somewhere to reside! The good news is that the city is full of brilliant housing options that won’t break the bank. There are lots of new communities popping up around Myrtle Beach that you can look into. EZ Home Search can assist you with your search. They are real estate agents that have a wide range of Myrtle Beach homes for sale. You can learn more here and get started with your property hunt.

Mild Climate

Myrtle Beach is a South Carolina city that enjoys over 2,600 hours of sunshine a year. With that in mind, it’s safe to say you’ll never have a shortage of glorious weather. The summers in the city are hot and humid. However, they tend to feel cooler thanks to the beach location. During the winter, expect temperatures to range between 58 and 61F, which are very comfortable.

Endless Entertainment

Regardless of age, you’ll be happy to know Myrtle Beach has entertainment for everyone. These range from going for long strolls on the beach to hiking. You can even enjoy some water sports, volleyball, or go on bike rides. Those who enjoy their nightlife are in for some good news. Myrtle Beach has a wide variety of places to party and tears up the dancefloor. There are many places to dine too. Don’t forget about the excellent shopping too that’s sure to thin out your wallet!

Many Healthcare Facilities

Families moving to Myrtle Beach will want to do everything possible to keep their loved ones happy and healthy, especially when starting afresh. In this SC beach city, there are three hospital systems in the area. These are the Loris Healthcare System, Grand Strand Regional Medical Center, and the Georgetown Hospital System. All these locations are equipped with urgent care facilities. This should put your mind at ease should you or a family member fall ill. Just make sure you have healthcare insurance in place. 

Reasonable Cost of Living

One of the major problems with most tourist towns is the outrageous cost of living prices. Thankfully, this is yet to happen in Myrtle Beach. When compared to other major cities across the United States, Myrtle Beach’s cost of living index is considerably less. This is great news for those looking to move to the city. 

Top-Performing Schools

The public and private schools across Myrtle Beach are more than worth the move. If you have children, it’s only natural that you’ll want them to get the best education possible. For many people, this involves relocating and being closer to the top-performing schools. In Myrtle Beach, students of all ages are given fantastic opportunities to succeed. Because of this, the city produces brilliantly high graduation rates. There are also safe schools, after-school activities, and above-average test scores. This makes Myrtle Beach one of the most wonderful places in South Carolina to have and raise children.

Gorgeous Scenery

When you go on vacation, do you enjoy taking in the scenery and capturing out-of-this-world views? If the answer is yes, you’ll be happy you made the move to Myrtle Beach. The reason for this is simple. This city boasts lovely sunsets, the hushed roar of the waves, and palm trees that quickly make you feel like you’re on an exotic island. Because of its stunning scenery, Myrtle Beach is a popular hotspot for photoshoots. Whether you head to the beach city for a vacation or decide to create a base there, you must head to the beach for sunset views. 

Brilliant Southern Hospitality

When moving somewhere new, you’re bound to feel scared and anxious about what awaits. If you’re relocating far away from home, not being near your friends and family can be overwhelming. And if you’re from an area known for its friendly nature, the thought of moving somewhere unwelcoming can fill you with dread. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about this with Myrtle Beach. The locals pride themselves on their brilliant Southern hospitality. As you get settled in, there will always be a friendly neighbor around who will be more than happy to help. Whether you need directions, advice on places to do your grocery shop, or any other question, you’ll be surprised by just how friendly Myrtle Beach residents are. 

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Great for Exercise

We’re always told the importance of exercising regularly and staying in shape. If you move to Myrtle Beach, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of places where you can work out and stay healthy and active. Tourists and locals enjoy going for walks around the city. In fact, there are thousands of miles of walking paths, meaning you’re bound to find one that matches your needs. You may love taking a stroll on the beach before sunrise. This will give you an entirely different view of the ocean when compared to the afternoon and evening. 

Great Accessibility

Another fantastic thing about Myrtle Beach is that the city has excellent transport links. In fact, Myrtle Beach International Airport means you can hop on a plane and travel all over the country. Whether you’re getting a little homesick and want to spend time with loved ones, or you’re heading back to your roots for the festive period, you can be out of Myrtle Beach and at the airport in under one hour.

As a popular vacation spot in SC, Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular cities to start a new life. It’s important to learn as much about the city as possible before considering a move there. Once you do, you’ll feel more confident with your final decision, and should you be swayed to relocate, prepare to enjoy some great Southern living.

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