6 Nature-Friendly Ways To Reduce Carbon Footprints With Ease

Carbon footprints is a process to measure greenhouse gas emissions by calculating the amount of these gasses released directly or indirectly into the atmosphere. It is one of the top reasons for global warming across the world.

Now that you’re here reading this, I’m sure you want to gain control of this situation and help reduce it. So here are 6 ways you can contribute to the environment.

1. Eat More Vegetables And Less Meat

You are unknowingly contributing to environmental problems by eating meat. Dairy and meat industry needs land, water, and energy to fulfill their purposes. And for that, they need to uproot the forests.

This is the reason behind global warming as it reduces the earth’s ability to naturally absorb greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Further, while processing meat, especially red meat, it belches out methane.

To avoid this, you can give importance to foods that are low on the food chain like fruit, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds, etc. It will improve your health and keep the environment safe.

In case you can’t change your eating habits suddenly, try to eat only vegetables one day every week or you can switch any of your meals with veggies and fruits. Try to avoid foods that are not seasonal. Instead, go to the local market and talk to farmers to find out more about organic foods.

It will bring down the consumption of transportation fuel because there will be less demand for processed foods.

2. Be Smart While Buying Clothes

Clothes are an important part of our identity so most of us are very picky while shopping for them. Oftentimes we are inspired by a celebrity’s fashion style and purchase dresses accordingly. But make sure not to buy designs that will go off trend quickly.

You can buy classic or recycled clothes at consignment shops or design your old clothes into new ones. If any of this is not possible for you then look for dresses that you can style with different accessories to create a whole new look.

Further, you can purchase eco-friendly clothes. All these ways will ensure that you don’t need to dump clothes and you can protect the environment effortlessly. While washing clothes, use cold water to get better results as detergent works best in normal or cold water.

3. Choose The Environment-friendly Transportation

According to a study, transportation means like cars, trains, buses, and flights produce 4.6 metric tonnes of CO2 each year. If you want to avoid contributing to this, try implementing some simple steps.

  • Choose to walk to go to nearby places.
  • Use public transportation or a bike whenever possible.
  • Don’t use too much brake and accelerator while driving.
  • Maintain your car regularly.
  • Avoid using the air conditioner.

All these will save a lot of fossil fuel. Further, always give preference to hybrid or electric cars while purchasing a new one. And consider flights only if it’s mandatory because airways play a big role in carbon emissions.

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4. Say NO to Plastic

Plastic has become a part of our life but it is important to get rid of them. It takes a significant amount of energy to produce and recycle plastic.

Not only that, but it also interferes with nature by polluting the sea and the environment. You can switch to disposable or eco-friendly items that serve a similar purpose.

5. Don’t Use Too Much Water And Energy

Most of us tend to waste water in our daily lives by indulging in unnecessary long showers, boiling water, using fresh water for bathroom flush, etc.

Further, there are tonnes of wastewater produced in industries. If you are an industry owner then you can take assistance from Aquamonix. They provide customized water-related solutions.

Or if you’re an individual, you must use water mindfully. Further, try to install energy-saving light bulbs, and don’t forget to turn off switches while you are away.

7. Utilize The Full Potential Of the Internet

Let’s just admit it: Covid has been a boon to humankind in a lot of ways. You can also work from home and deliver equal results. All you need is a strong internet connection. Further, you also don’t need to travel long distances unnecessarily or use paperwork.

So, utilize this opportunity as it can greatly contribute to the environment and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Over to you…

Now that you know some powerful tricks to reduce carbon footprints, it’s time to implement them in your daily life. Get on with it, buddy!

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