Reasons Why Men Suffer The Most From Indigestion Issues

There is a reason for everything that happens in the world, nothing happens without any reason or logic. You may be living in a dreamer’s land and believe that this happened just like a miracle, but there is a reason that led to a certain situation or event in your and everyone’s life. Every event that has occurred to you has occurred and will occur will have one or many reasons for it. Now if you are sensitive and observant enough you may be able to catch the reason otherwise not. Similarly, on these grounds, the malfunctions that occur to you also happen due to some reasons why men take Fildena 100 mg and Cenforce 100. 

If these reasons were known to them, and they would have been strict enough to follow a strict and healthy lifestyle as soon as the first symptom was reported, the malfunction wouldn’t have taken place. One such malfunction that is troubling most men’s life today is indigestion issues. The situation is such that it is not even considered a health issue that needs concern but it has become a part and parcel of life. This is both sad and alarming for the kind of society we live in. Read this article to know the reasons why it is men that suffer the most from indigestion problems and some solutions too. 

Higher composition of cholesterol

The main and biggest reason for men suffering from improper digestion is their wrong choice of food. All the nutrients they receive such as carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and vitamins are all fine but what becomes problematic is cholesterol and saturated fats. Now it is a wrong concept preached to people that cholesterol is totally bad and should be neglected completely. Like any other nutrient it has certain limits that may vary from person to person under which if you take cholesterol, it is healthy. 

There are two types of cholesterol, good and bad. You must have seen television advertisements for edible oils where they promote that their oil doesn’t have cholesterol. It is the bad cholesterol that they are referring to. Good cholesterol in fact is required to keep the body warm during harsh winter by forming a layer of fat beneath the bones in adipose tissue. The problems start when one consumes bad cholesterol, it is unhealthy as it is unable to be broken down by enzymes like any other food item. Thus, it gets deposited in the body near the opening of arteries and heart resulting in disruption of blood pressure. 

Lack of exercise

Complete digestion involves not only the secretion of enzymes and their action of converting the food particles into simpler forms but also the flexibility of muscles and tissues. You may be able to connect the dots directly between doing regular exercise and good digestion but there is a connection of course. Regular exercise enhances blood circulation leading to a good metabolism, improved breathing patterns, and higher secretion of dopamine causing upliftment of mood. Now, when the muscles of the gut become flexible enough, the passage of broken-down food occurs smoothly. This is why people who constipation and indigestion are more prevalent in men who remain fixated in a position for the most part of the day. 

Hence, exercise is beneficial for smooth digestion and getting clear bowels without any laxatives. Laxatives may help in constipation but that is temporary, it does not cure the rigidness of muscles, which can only be cured by exercise. 

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No fixed time for meals

Discipline is very much needed in any aspect of life for success. It necessarily does not mean being rough and tough like army people, it can also mean having a fixed timetable for meals. This helps the body and the mind to get accustomed to your daily routine, causing no discomfort. An improper eating schedule has only advanced as we have become more modern and advanced. Today people have money, expensive clothes, phones and dine in restaurants but they don’t have a proper time to eat. 

This is the reason that men are always on the look for pills like Cenforce 200 from Powpills. You need not be a dietician or MBBS holder to make a fixed routine. Give priority to your health and then plan the whole day’s activity accordingly. Here, the opposite happens, people eat whenever they get a 15- or 20-minute break. 


Indigestion is so common that when someone complains about it to his friend or close one, the other person just ignores it. But in reality, it is not, if indigestion persists for a week or a month, then something is critically wrong with the fundamentals of the digestive system and needs medical treatment. The best thing to do is to refer to the doctor in such cases. 

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