Since the invention of the first computer of the world, scientists have made huge claims about the ways in which technology will affect human lives. While humans which is very interact with communication technology who has failed to fulfil some of these claims there is no second opinion about the fact that technology has affected human lives in a way they never thought about. From recommending products to humans before they even search for them to being their travel partner in form of GPS technology has come a long way

 While humans are so used to technology that they don’t even realize that how dependent they are on technology. Humans sometimes need to sit back and think about the effects of technology in their lives. While information technology has made several changes which is essential for any affordable thesis writing services in our everyday life and all people are aware of those. The majority of the people are unaware of the rare effects of information communication technology in our thesis and dissertation writing process.

The effects of information communication technology are not limited to introducing humans to the concept of online thesis writing service that has brought a huge revolution in the world of thesis writing.

Following are few other rare effects of information communication technology:

1.    Making Research Easy:

Thesis writing requires a lot of research and before the rise of technology, it was very difficult for students to research as they have to go from one library to another in search of relevant sources. Storing and saving those sources was a task on its own as most libraries allow people to keep any book for a certain amount of time and thesis writing takes a lot of time.

Technology has made human lives much easier by providing them with all sources on the internet. They can look for any source on the internet. Collection and storage of these sources is also not a big problem as these sources are mostly available in softcopy and they can easily store them.

2.    Selecting Research Topic:

One of the most difficult decisions any student has to make during his academic life is picking a research topic for his thesis. Students want to ensure that the topic they are considering has enough sources on it, add value to the world and is not very similar to any previously conducted thesis.

Imagine the difficulties of students of that age who have to go through many places and have to search through a pile of research papers to pick a research topic.

The modern-day student does not have to go through all of this trouble as he can easily search for the most trending topic for a thesis on the internet and he will have a huge list of topics in front of him without doing any hard work. In case of confusion, he can ask any reliable thesis writing service to recommend him a good topic.

3.    Referencing:

Most students have a problem in referencing while writing a thesis as they are chances of referencing and citing the sources in the wrong way. This type of referencing issue will not only create a bad impression in the reader’s mind but can also be a reason for plagiarism in your thesis.

Due to the advancement of technology, students have access to certain software that will take care of referencing and citing for them.  Software like this save students from unnecessary tension and hassle.

4.    Transcription Services:

Interviews and discussion are a major part of researches conducted using a qualitative approach as the whole research is dependent upon those interviews or focus groups. While those interviews use to enlighten researchers about the different aspects of research. Transcribing them into a document was a task on its own. Students have to sit for hours with focus and concentration to transcribe a single interview and then they have to check it multiple times to detect any errors.

Information communication technology has made the lives of students much easier by introducing software with voice recognition abilities. Such software transcribes interviews for students and saves their time and energy.

5.    Plagiarism and Error Detection:

Detection of plagiarism and error in the thesis has always been huge trouble for students. Students are drained after finishing a thesis and they don’t have the time and energy to go through it again to make changes. In that case, they used to end up submitting a thesis that is full of errors, spelling mistakes and is written incoherently. Apart from all this that thesis also has a huge chance of having plagiarism in it.

This type of thesis will only create problems for students. Now certain tools make their work error-free by making and suggesting changes while they are writing so they can make those changes then and there. Such software also has advanced features like changing sentence structure according to the tone of the document and fixing any incoherence in text.

Different plagiarism detection tools check thesis with thousands of documents available on the internet to check plagiarism in the document. All undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and MPhil Thesis Writing Services in US check plagiarism using such advanced tools.

Last words:

These are some rare effects of information communication technology on human lives. Indeed, they have made the lives of humans much easier for them and humans should use them in the best way possible.

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