6 Essential Qualities To Look For In A Good Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer may sound very straightforward and achievable these days. All it requires is an appropriate course and some effort to complete it.  However, it would be silly to say that a piece of paper makes a person an excellent personal trainer. In a passion-driven field like that, being qualified is not enough to change lives and inspire clients to become the best possible versions of themselves.

Most people find themselves vulnerable inside the gym; they get intimidated by the presence of trainers and many strangers. This is why hiring a personal trainer will make you feel comfortable enough to lower your guard. They will also make you feel comfortable enough to expose your flaws through your fitness journey.

Here are six essential qualities you should look for in a personal trainer:


Patience should be the number one quality you need to look for in a personal trainer. It is quite obvious that you will not achieve your fitness goals overnight. Therefore, patience is the key to a good client-trainer relationship. Your trainers should understand that you will have several questions that you might want to ask them, and not take them against you. Your trainer should assess your body, as well as take into consideration your needs, wants, restrictions, and the like.


The trainer you hire should be truthful, transparent, and honest with you. They should not give you false promises and hopes but reassure you that they will be with you every step of the way.

Excellent Communication Skills.

Your trainer should be a great communicator, especially when they talk about the technical stuff. A professional trainer will be able to explain to you the implications of your nutrition, workout, and generally how the body works scientifically. They should also be able to explain things to you on the phone and give clear instructions on how to perform a specific exercise without physically being present.


Being friendly and approachable is one of the important characteristics of a good personal trainer. You can befriend your trainer, but at the same time, the ability to bring professionalism to the role is also essential. Your sessions should not be compromised by hours of story-telling or, routines made easier because both of you became good pals. Also, there should be fairness when it comes to fees. The duration of your training session, the location, and the experience level of your trainer will dictate the cost of your session.


There is nothing more convincing than a person will do a great job aside from their resume and credentials. You should read and understand their credibility based on their education and training. In the UK, aspiring trainers should study a full course and pass the necessary qualifying tests. A good personal trainer will take it as a personal responsibility to stay up-to-date with the latest fitness trends.

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Face Value

A good personal trainer will put some effort into their appearance. It’s not about perfectly ripped abs or big biceps and such, as those are not defining qualities of an excellent trainer. However, good hygiene, clean clothes, and a happy smile are some of the things that are certainly expected.

If you are tired of doing workouts on your own, then you should consider hiring a personal trainer. Personal trainers in Twickenham are professional, honest, knowledgeable, and ready to listen and compromise, but at the same time, they stick to their rules and do not let you slack off your workout routine. So, if you need any in Twickenham, don’t hesitate. Just call right away and see how things go.

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