The Pros And Cons Of Integrated Circuits

There has been a great deal written and argued about in regard to the integrated circuit (IC). It is a massive global market, and as such, it is important to keep abreast of trends in the sector. This article provides some insight as to the integrated circuit and the advantages and disadvantages of these tiny parts for modern tech development.

What is an integrated circuit?

The integrated circuit is a set of electrical circuits and switches that are all on one chip. It is also known and referred to as a micro-electronic circuit or microchip. It’s a tiny component. However, it has also been one of the causes of the biggest financial losses in recent times for those in automotive manufacturing, where a shortage of certain auto industry chips has slowed down production and adversely affected many global businesses. It is also a shortage that affects the man on the street who is interested in building their own home tech and improving home computing power. Many had even begun to argue for different chips and whether the integrated circuit is still the best way to go.

Pros of the integrated circuit

  • The small size of the units available makes for the possibility of making even smaller and more compact electronic and computing devices.
  • The wide variety of manufacturers is making sure that prices have improved, and you will have to make IC comparisons to get the best product or your specific needs. The low cost of these components is one of the reasons that they will arguably be around and in use for 100s of years to come.
  • The circuit layout has to be kept simple based on their size, and they thus have a lower power requirement.

Cons of integrated circuits

  • If one component fails on the IC, then the entire chip needs to be replaced.
  • Due to the small size of these components, they are easily damaged, and although being made to better withstand high temperatures, this was one of the fundamental issues with the small, high-powered ICs.

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What are the alternatives to the IC?

Transistors or integrated circuits and chips do not have a viable replacement at the current moment, and although there has been ongoing research, the IC is still the best tool for the job. Yes, the improvements in computing power can no longer be increased by simply increasing the capacity and number of microchips (Moore’s law), but until a viable alternative is found, the IC will be as important as it currently is for tech, manufacturing and pretty much any form of business in the data and information age. Quantum computing has been heralded as a possible solution and the only viable means to do away with the humble microchip, but even this feasible alternative is years away and perhaps still only a theory in essence.

The recent global shortage of ICs has brought them to the fore, and from hobbyists to serious manufacturing concerns, all are now keeping up to date and current in relation to this sector and the changes therein. The Integrated circuit or microchip is still the basis of most computing and tech made today, and there is no end in sight to the demand for such components.

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