Breast Augmentation Recovery Process And Timeline

Breast augmentation is an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure and has been around the world for a number of years. Many women say they have much higher levels of self-confidence and happiness following their breast enhancement procedure and are left extremely satisfied with the results.

This article will look at the breast augmentation recovery process and how long it takes for you to get back on track after surgery.

Recovery: Immediately after surgery

As most breast augmentation procedures involve being under general anesthetic, you’ll likely wake up from the surgery feeling tired and groggy.

It’s likely that you will feel discomfort as your muscles will be tight and aching. Swelling and bruising is to be expected, so pain killers may be needed to help you manage.

Recovery: Hours after surgery

After a few hours, you should feel less sleepy and the pain may have relieved slightly.

You should be allowed home several hours after your surgery, however, you won’t be allowed to drive and may need someone to take you home.

Your breasts will be wrapped either with a special bra or an elastic band for extra support during recovery. Your surgeon will explain to you the recovery at the home process and will be there to answer any questions you may have.

Recovery: Next few weeks

Throughout this time, you will experience some soreness and swelling. You should be able to perform light activities, however, if you have a job that’s physically demanding, it’s advised that you remain off work for a few weeks.

Other parts of your body may start to swell, but this is completely normal. You will have occasional pain throughout the day which can worsen at different times.

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Possible complications

As with many different types of surgery, there is always the risk of complications. Scarring, wound infections and bleeding are general surgery side effects, however, there are some specifically related to breast augmentation surgery.

You may experience breast pain or numbness, potential scarring that changes the overall breast shape, or asymmetrical breasts. Your new implant may be seen or felt through the skin or you could get breast cellulitis, which is a type of bacterial infection.

To avoid a high likelihood of these complications, ensure to do your research and find a well-renowned surgeon to perform the procedure. Read through any reviews and testimonials and ask thorough questions during your consultation.

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