2022 Project Management Tools – Slack Pricing Vs Aha Pricing  

Slack software is a modern model of communication to organize collaborative tasks for organizations despite the team size or nature of work. It has become a leading channel-based messaging system with the ability to integrate more than 5000 applications to perform advanced management functions. The Aha software gives its users a platform to create products even with low-code automation.  

This is a comparative guide for Slack pricing vs Aha pricing to help you transform the way you manage projects in 2022.  

Slack Pricing  

Whether you require Slack to communicate as a freelancer, a growing team, or a large-scale firm, the Slack messenger gives you the opportunity to choose a plan that fits you.  


Users can choose the free plan, which offers a restricted collection of tools, to get started. For instance, you may see 10,000 of your team’s most recent communications. You have the option to integrate 10 while building an expanded platform by integrating messages from other applications. These possibilities include applications like Office 365 and Google Drive. And lastly, it gives users the option to share 1:1  

video calls and voice calls. Additionally, it allows users to make and receive 1:1 voice and video chats. 


The Slack pricing for professionals is $6, and it offers many advantages. This covers the entirety of the conversational context of the firms’ communications. When you choose this option and subscribe to it, you may get activities and information in only a few minutes. Furthermore, the group may have face-to-face calls, although only 15 people can participate in a phone call. You may ensure that private channels are established for communication between people inside and outside the same organization. 


It costs about $12 and is the third choice. This option may be used in various ways in addition to being scaled throughout the company. There are sophisticated tools for managing security. For instance, OKTA, OneLogin, and Ping Identity can sync SAML-based SSO with real-time Active Directory. Data exports can also be used to guarantee that compliance requirements are satisfied. Users will receive help around-the-clock for any questions or issues. 

Enterprise Grid  

The enterprise grid option is a good choice if you are worried about your company’s security since you can monitor compliance and security throughout the whole corporation. Large enterprises have the opportunity to give their teams secure communication tools by supporting up to 500,000 users. Similarly, you may simplify the organization by implementing centralized controls and company-specific regulations. Finally, the Slack corporate option offers its subscribers specialized assistance. Information about the number of users and product requirements is used to determine the price of this option. 

Slack Demo  

The Slack demo is available on the website for interested users.  

Aha Pricing  

The plans of Aha pricing are offered on the basis of the products. Let’s take a look at each product, the subscription costs, and what they cover.  


Users can choose between two Aha price choices for this product. The $39 basic package includes the key capabilities, including configuring portal access, idea scoring, prioritizing requests, and progress reports. Additionally, you may utilize it to match your brand and personalize forms with your labels, logos, and other elements. 

The $59 advanced package includes portal translation and is available as an option. It may be used to implement dynamic concept forms, bespoke portal designs, and automation. Additionally, it may be utilized to design feedback surveys and hold empathy sessions to ensure there is established open communication with the clients. 


Four alternatives are available to people interested in the roadmap product. Once you can validate your status per the standards, the first one is for startups, and tailored solutions are offered. The firm should not have been active for more than 18 months, have less than 10 members, and investment must also be less than $1.5M, according to some of the conditions specified on the website. 

The second option is called premium and it can be used to establish strategy, generate project roadmaps, and plan projects. It may also be used to organize whiteboard conceptions and record ideas. You may even order tasks according to their hierarchical priority. It can be used to provide access to presentations to other users for better communication. On the other hand, workflows can be improved with the option of over 30 tools. The cost of the advanced set of features is $59. 

The third choice, referred to as the enterprise, costs $99 to use. However, you will only be responsible for paying the workspace owner or contributors who use the management features. This option may invite as many viewers and critics as you like. 

The last choice, enterprise+, comes with improved tools for owners by default. It may be used, for instance, to implement automation rules and implement capacity planning for teams. Additionally, you may speed up task administration by making custom tables, handling work requests, and using workspace templates. The enterprise+ is billed $149.  


Users can choose between the fundamentals and advanced Aha pricing plans for development tools. The $9 basics pricing level allows for virtually complete customization using the available extensions. Additionally, planning sprints and defining user stories are options. 

The more complex capabilities, which cost $18 and may be combined with the roadmaps for better development possibilities, are available. Analytics and automation procedures are the other two aspects included in the cost for development. 

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Aha Demo  

To overcome any queries, you have about the system, you can access the Aha demo through the website as well.  

Slack Pricing vs Aha Pricing  

Regarding functions, Slack and Aha offer a diverse range of task management options. However, the focus of the Slack software is on managing team communication and improving the way that businesses connect. Meanwhile, aha lets you launch products even when you do not know your way around coding. The Slack pricing vs Aha pricing is affordable and diverse. Each accommodates businesses of all sizes.  

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