Prevent Emergency Appliance Repairs

We all experience unexpected appliance issues from time to time. However, you can drastically reduce the number of service calls for repairs if you follow a few routine maintenance tips during the year. Make a point to practice these strategies regularly to help appliances function properly and prevent costly repairs or replacements. 

Stay on Top of Regular Maintenance 

It can be easy to let routine maintenance to your appliances slip your mind, but figuring out a method for reminding yourself is important to keep up with it. The more time and attention you devote to taking care of your appliances daily and seasonally, can prolong their lifetime and reduce repair costs.


Perhaps one of the most critical types of routine maintenance is for your HVAC unit. And the HVAC unit is expensive to repair and is a major purchase. It’s essential to keep up with filter changes every season and keep the various parts of the unit clean and free from mold and debris. Never block the air intake for your HVAC unit, and frequently check for any buildup or mold growth. You should have a professional HVAC service tech do routine maintenance twice a year and check for any potential problems.

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Drains and Plumbing

Regular care and maintenance of your drains and plumbing are also essential. Without periodic attention, drains can clog and back up, causing thousands of dollars of water damage. Additionally, poor drainage can encourage mold growth, create odors, and attract pests. Drains need to be cleared by professionals periodically to ensure water flows smoothly through the pipes. Having service calls for the sewer lines in your home may also be necessary. If you notice water draining slowly or discover an odor or water leaks, it’s time to call a plumber. They can quickly find the source of the problem and present you with solutions that work.

Washing Machines and Dryers

Washing machines and dryers need regular care and attention to keep them in tip-top working condition and prevent them from causing a hazard or breaking. In the case of dryers, daily removal of lint from the lint traps is essential. Additionally, frequent cleaning of the inside of the dryer and the exhaust hoses is also important to help prevent fires and from blocking the flow of air. When it comes to your washing machine, it helps to use the recommended types of detergent to avoid buildup and odors. You’ll want to periodically have your appliances serviced and clean to prevent blockages and other problems. To ensure proper use and servicing, read the washing machine manual before using it to avoid any future unintentional damage.

Be Prepared for Emergencies 

Although regular care and service will help keep appliances in the home running smoother for longer, at some point, appliances may break or need replacing. When this happens, it’s usually inconvenient and may occur when funds are tight. If you find yourself facing that situation, there are lending companies such as Symple Lending that can help you quickly get the money you need for repairs or replacements. Take the time to perform these routine maintenance tasks and have a plan in mind for when the unexpected occurs.

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