Personal Injury: How Will I Prove My Injury?

If you’ve suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, then you might be able to pursue compensation. However, if you want to take legal action then you’ll need to get advice from a solicitor specializing in these types of cases. On top of this, you’ll need to prove the extent of your injuries and prove that another person or organization was responsible for them. Below, we explore how you can prove your injury. 

Proving my injuries

The first step when you make a personal injury claim is to prove that the accident took place because another party was negligent. To prove this you’ll need plenty of information surrounding the accident including the dates and times of the accident, where it took place, who was involved, and any eyewitness accounts. By compiling this evidence, you should give your employees enough information to put together your case. 

Medical evidence

Gathering medical evidence after the accident will be crucial for your claim. Once negligence is proven, the extent of your injuries will define your case. For a start, you should take pictures of your injuries in the aftermath of the accident. More importantly, though, you should get an assessment from a doctor as soon as possible. This can help accurately determine your injuries, any surgery that will be required, and a prognosis of your recovery time. Not only will this highlight the injuries you suffered, but it can provide evidence for other costs such as time taken off work or childcare as a result of your injuries. By pulling all of this evidence together, you should be able to show the extent of the injuries you suffered in the accident. 

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Physical evidence

In addition to the medical evidence and circumstantial evidence you’ve gathered for your claim, you should also try and compile physical evidence regarding how the accident happened. This can help validate your claim. Photographic evidence of the scene or dashcam footage can be extremely helpful in this regard. You should also endeavour to make your claim as soon as possible as there’s a three-year time limit in place for claims from the day you suffered your injury.

Suffering a personal injury can be a traumatic moment. But by working with solicitors to make a claim, you can attempt to win the compensation you deserve to help you focus on your recovery.

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