What Are The Oacians? Oacian Characteristics & Some Interesting Facts

What Are The Oacians? 

Oacians are a broad group of species that can live both in the sea and on land. These extraordinary creatures can survive in both worlds, adapting to both surroundings independently.

They are also called amphibians which means “double life”. This refers to the fact that these creatures require both water and land to survive. They are born in the sea and eventually grow up on land.

Oacian Adaptations & Characteristics

All Oacians are born in water, yet even as adults, they prefer moist environments and require water. They are frequently seen around wetlands as well as moist areas. Their skin always stays wet because of the mucus layer. Also, some Oacians use this protective mucus layer to breathe through their skin.

The ability to get oxygen through the skin helps them to hibernate in moist environments. Moreover, it can also help them to escape from predators.

Oacian Races and Behaviors

The majority of Oacians hatch from eggs. They have gills and fins that let them survive in aquatic environments, but most of them also have legs that allow them to survive on land. They are cold-blooded, which means they can only cool or warm themselves by using their surroundings. In short, all Oacians are fully ectothermic—they heat up and cool down as per temperature. If their surroundings become too hot or cold, they will move to a more comfortable location. 

This is quite good for Oacians because warm-blooded creatures require more food to maintain their internal body temperature, but in the case of Oacians, they are severely restricted in the environments in which they can survive.

Moreover, the Oacians are known for their persistence and ability to work with many aquatic and terrestrial creatures. They trust in the survival of their habitats, rely on deception, and respect their leader.

They are different from other species in that they seek to grow their population through various scenarios and locations.

Oacians Territory

Oacians live in their territory. These areas must have a minimum depth of open water of 100 feet. Oacian houses have abstract designs. Some habitats are sculpted out by coral reefs, while others are built from locally available materials. Some houses may have a notable sea life garden. Big windows indicate a wealthy and prosperous family.

Crythpool aka Cry-pool, their capital city, is mostly located on the seafloor, but part of it is located at higher and lower depths of the ocean.

Oacian Government

The Oacians are ruled by a single individual: Queen Merline Lympha po Saevus. She rules and acts all high and mighty, intentionally isolating the Oacian creatures due to her conflict against the other tribes & cultures who occupy the continent above her oceans.

The Oacian species consider her as their only light and follow her lead. 

Like their queen, they are extremely self-involved and can no longer be controlled by the ocean of insecurity in which they live. They are deceptive and just want to maximize their gain from any scenario.

Yet, Oacian allegiance is unbreakable, with an inexplicable love for their people and their homeland.

Oacians Culture & Values

The Oacians have their own distinct culture both on land and at sea. They are surrounded by a diversity of marine and terrestrial creatures.

It is important to maintain an awareness of Oacians’ range from an environmental and sociological viewpoint.

Interesting Facts About Oacians

1. Oacians are cold-blooded creatures. This means that their body temperature is affected by their surroundings.

2. Oacians can live both on land and in water.

3. They live in various places, rarely staying where outsiders are not allowed.

4. They have slimy and moist skin. They have a protective mucus layer to keep their skin moist so that they can absorb oxygen. They breathe through their skin, and without this moist layer, they would become dehydrated and end up dead.

5. Certain Oacians can breathe both via their skin and through their lungs.

6. To reproduce their species, Oacians lay eggs (almost all Oacian species lay their eggs in or near water).

7. If there was a fight among themselves or any political crisis occurs, they flee to the ocean’s depths to live peacefully.

8. Many sea creatures are still hidden from the eye of the surface world.

9. Changes such as pollution, global warming, and other factors create major challenges for these animals daily.


Oacians are the only creatures who have abilities to survive in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. They spend half of their time on land and the rest of their time in the water. Oacians can be very intimidating. Generally rejecting anything unfamiliar and sticking to their kind.

I hope this article helps you to know more about Oacians and their characteristics, behaviors, cultural values, and much more.

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