Did you know that there are over 15,000 nursing homes in the United States? If your business involves senior care, competing in the field can be difficult.

One way to stand out from the competitors is to gain positive reviews. This is one of the first things prospective clients will look at to help them make a decision on the business they want to go with.

How can you increase your nursing home ratings? Read on to find out.

Be Aware of the Most Popular Review Sites

Nursing home ratings could be on a variety of sites and it’s up to you to be familiar with them. If you don’t know where your reviews are, you’ll end up losing the chance to respond to bad ones.

Here are the main sites that nursing homes should look into for reviews of their business:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • SeniorAdvisor.com
  • Yelp

Maintaining a presence on these sites can help your business reach more people and in turn gain more positive nursing home reviews.

Gather Positive Reviews by Asking Customers

If your senior care business needs positive reviews because you don’t have many, you can ask your customers for them. However, the way you go about this request is important.

It’s important to note that review platforms don’t consider it ethical to offer incentives in exchange for customer reviews. The best thing you can do is let customers know that you want their feedback and tell them where they can give it.

Responding to Customer Reviews

Once you ask for senior customer reviews, it is important to respond to them to show your appreciation. This is another technique that persuades customers to share their opinion as well.

Responding to negative reviews is especially important because it can prove that your business is willing to make things right.

Thank every reviewer for their feedback no matter if it is positive or negative. If it’s negative, it is also important to apologize for the bad experience. You should always attempt to fix the issue that caused a negative review.

If appropriate, you can also invite the reviewer back to gain a better experience. This is also a great way to encourage prospective customers who are looking through reviews to consider your senior care services.

Using Reviews to Promote Your Business

Positive reviews create trust and a sense of legitimacy. With Customer Review Management, you can promote your business to gain more prospects.

You can bring reviews to your website so that interested customers don’t have to go searching for them. You can also promote your reviews to reach an even bigger audience.

How Are Your Nursing Home Ratings?

If your nursing home ratings are mostly negative or nonexistent, knowing how to gather positive reviews is key. Stay aware of the most popular review sites and ask your customers to add to them when you can.

It’s important to respond to positive and negative reviews to keep responses coming in. From there, you can use reviews to promote your business to gather more positive reviews in the future.

Looking for other tips on how to boost areas of your business? Come back to our blog to learn more.

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