Elmiron MDL Lawsuit: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Thousands of people developed eye conditions because of taking Elmiron MDL for an extended period. If you also took Elmiron MDL and developed eye problems, you could be eligible to join the large class action lawsuit brought against them.

Elmiron was, until recently, used in the treatment of bladder problems. It is a bladder protectant, meaning that manufacturers designed it to solve problems like urinary tract infections, interstitial cystitis, and other bladder pains. The drug saw wide use, having been in circulation since its development back in 1996. Over 20+ years, manufacturers and medical professionals continued to use Elmiron MDL, not realizing that it had horrible side effects on the eyesight of users.

What is the Problem with Elmiron MDL?

Elmiron MDL (Pentosan Polysulfate Sodium) negatively impacts the user’s eyesight. A study in 2018 found that those who used the drug for five years or more developed acute sight problems, such as pigmentary maculopathy. They suffered damage to the retina, sight degradation, and complete loss of eyesight. The greater the dosage administered, the greater the range of problems with the eye. Vision problems, retinal damage, and complete loss of sight are a large price to pay for a soothed bladder.

You can join in the Elmiron MDL lawsuit if you were on Elmiron MDL for a long time, or if you took it in high doses. You can only join the lawsuit if you now suffer increased eyesight problems. These eyesight problems may well be due to the use of Elmiron, either for a long time or in high doses. Further studies since the original in 2018 have proven the link between eyesight loss and pentosan polysulfate sodium, lending additional proof to the court case.

What is Happening in the Elmiron MDL Lawsuit?

Litigation against Elmiron is set to go to trial in 2023. The closer we get to the trial dates, the more victims of this brand come out of the woodwork. The first trial will take place in January 2023. We expect that this class action lawsuit will run into thousands of dollars for the victims involved, so it is important to join the suit now if you are eligible.

Elmiron was first available after FDA approval in 1996. The first prescriptions arrived immediately after that. Elmiron is still available on the market to this day, with researchers arguing that maculopathy may be confused with age-related macular degeneration. The court case in January will determine what a jury thinks of this argument.

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How Much Can You Expect to Win in the Elmiron Lawsuit?

To be eligible for Elmiron, you only need to suffer vision loss after taking it. The length of time you took the drug and the dosage you took both effect your earnings in the lawsuit. This is because they relate directly to how much damage you suffered.

The amount of compensation will relate to the amount of vision loss. Those with 80-100% of their vision impaired can expect up to a million dollars. Those with a 10-20% loss might earn up to $25k, and so on.

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