Myths And Realities Of The ‘Sugar Mamas

All human relationships are based on some kind of exchange, be it emotional, material, or intellectual. We give care in exchange for protection, friendship in exchange for the company, and even love, in exchange for more love.

In all couples, the members share their time and their feelings, but also their money and other material matters. When the person who is better off financially decides to financially support her partner and share her experiences and lifestyle with her, she becomes the sugar mama or sugar daddy. A Sugar Baby is the person in the relationship who receives guidance and support.

According to information from the dating site On Mutual Terms, for every sugar mama or sugar daddy, there are six sugar babies.

Tina, who asked to keep her last name confidential, is a marketing executive who decided to be the couple’s Sugar Mama.

“I chose this type of relationship because many of the men my age could not keep up with me,” explained the executive, who for three months has been in a relationship with a man younger than her, whom she met on the sugar daddy website.

Tina described herself as a very active woman who likes to go out and travel, and who needed someone willing to accompany her by her side. This was one of the reasons that led her to choose this type of relationship.

“My current partner is an artist, incredibly talented and passionate. That was what attracted me to him,” she explained. Tina shared that in his position, she can help him achieve his goals by introducing him to potential buyers of his work and sharing his contacts with him.

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According to the executive, one of the biggest advantages of this type of relationship is that neither of them is trying to guess what the other is thinking.

“With Michael, my current partner, we were open and honest from the beginning. We both know how much and how far we can give. Michael knows that I am a very busy woman and I can’t always see him during the week. Unlike other men I’ve had relationships with in the past, who questioned my long working hours, Michael is supportive of my career and doesn’t feel threatened by my professional success.” Tina said that she had had other similar relationships, but that this was the most serious so far.

For Tina, online dating was too time-consuming. So when a friend of hers told her about OnMutualTerms, a site founded by a woman, wife, mother and worker, she was curious to try it.

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Natasha Zukovski, founder and president of On Mutual Terms, said her site was a place free of prejudice, where candidates felt safe and comfortable finding candidates who were looking for the same type of relationship. Zukovsky found other sites for Sugar Mamas and Daddies too materialistic and decided to create a new platform.

“As with everything, you always have to select between the good and the bad candidates,” Tina acknowledged. “The important thing is to be frontal and direct with the person you are interested in.”

The executive assured me that this type of relationship feels the same as any other. “Our couple is based on trust and mutual understanding. For me this is the best kind of relationship because it works with my hectic schedule,” she explained. “This way I was able to meet a handsome and exciting young man who enjoys the same lifestyle as me.”

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