Choose Moissanite Engagement Rings Based on Her Career

Jewelry and especially engagement rings are sometimes specific to a given occasion. There are moissanite engagement rings fit for specific occasions but would not be suitable for others. Therefore, choosing engagement rings based on your partner’s career makes a lot of sense. It means you are considerate and mindful of her and what she does.  

Engagement rings are a good gesture of love and commitment to your partner. It is even better when you make a choice based on her career. This is usually a very thoughtful consideration and a symbol of love, respect, and happiness. Most importantly, such a choice would make her comfortable wearing it daily. The choices are many, but you must pick the suitable one for your partner. 

Pick Moissanite Engagement Rings Based on What She Does!

An engagement ring is something that your partner will wear all the time. That means she will be out there working and still have her ring on it. Therefore, this is an important consideration to make if you want her to enjoy the engagement. You would not want to buy her something that she would keep removing every time she is going to work. It will defeat the purpose of the engagement. 

The most obvious considerations to make when buying jewelry are the 4Cs of Cut, Clarity, Carat, and Color. However, her career also comes out strongly as something to consider. Here is a guide on how to pick moissanite engagement rings based on her career:

1. Rings with a Professional Touch

If you are dating someone working in a professional field, the demands may be high. People in real estate, finance, and sales need to maintain some respect and stature due to the nature of their work.  

They need to appear successful and rich. Therefore, you will need something like solitaire moissanite rings or round-cut moissanite engagement rings. However, it should maintain a professional look and avoid sophisticated designs as worn in casual or wedding settings. 

2. Engagement Rings for Manual Workers

Some jobs require the use of hands at all times. Therefore, you should keep this in mind when buying moissanite engagement rings.  Typical jobs in this category include cooking. For that reason, it will help to get a ring with a smooth finish.  

When buying engagement rings for a person that works with hands, avoid sophisticated designs. Otherwise, they will trap dirt and ruin the experience of engagement. Therefore, pave-set, halo rings, or those with engravings are not an option. 

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3. Rings for Partners in High-Risk Fields

High-risk jobs such as firefighting and security need close attention with minimal distractions. Therefore, your choice of ring should not interfere with what your partner does. Avoid picking large solitaire rings for people working in these areas. 

It will not be a good idea to pick a ring with a large center stone. Instead, discreet moissanite engagement rings with prong settings are a good choice. 

4. Best Rings for Caretaker Workers

Think through the available choices when buying an engagement ring for a caretaker person. It could be a nurse, a doctor, a teacher, or someone in a daycare. 

These jobs are characterized by close interaction with other people. Therefore, the rings should not have sharp edges implying that there are reduced chances of hurting people in the surrounding. Go for a bezel setting rather than a prong setting on the rings. 

5. Suitable Rings for Desk Job Workers

For this kind of worker, you have a variety of choices to make. Your partner is usually seated in front of a computer. Choose from a wide range of available moissanite engagement rings in the market. 

Think of anything from pear-shaped rings, marquise cut moissanite rings to solitaire designs. As you look for these choices, you have nothing to worry about any risks of scratches and physical damage. She can comfortably take care of the ring without much hassle.

Final Thoughts!

There is nothing more satisfying in a relationship than being thoughtful of your partner. This is more so during the purchase of your engagement rings. Being considerate of her career is very important in bringing out a wonderful experience in your engagement. Therefore, make use of this information to know what kind of ring to buy based on her career.

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