How To Find A Mentor That Is Right For You?

Developing a mentor relationship could help you gain so much confidence in an array of areas. Regardless of where you are in your career, everyone can use a mentor to help guide him or her. According to research, people with mentors get promoted faster, earn higher salaries and are more satisfied in their careers and social life.

While many people know that having a mentor is beneficial, most professionals agree that they do not know how to find the right mentor and make sure it is a productive and meaningful relationship with the mentor. In this post, we explain how to find a great mentor that is right for you. Keep reading to discover the secrets behind hiring a mentor.

Know Your Long Term and Short Term Goals

What do you want to accomplish in your career or in life? Can you achieve the goals in your current role or you will need to switch the roles? The more specific you are when it comes to setting your goals the easier it becomes for you the find the right mentorship.

A quick and efficient strategy when it comes to goal setting effective and easily achievable goals is to work SMART. The goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. Therefore, envision your dreams and break them down into individual and achievable goals. Define the short-term goals and the long-term goals, so that you can set a schedule for achieving the goals.

Identify The Person You Look Up To

Which persons do you wish to take up the person’s role in the next five years? Who is the immediate role model at your work place or in the society? Identifying the persons, you can look up to, within the society or at your work place. You may or may not be able to ask one of those people to be your mentor, but they make a good stepping stone. Take a note of what the person’s life looks like and where they are today.  

Be Cognizant Of Your Existing Network

The more familiar a person is to your work and abilities, the more effective they will be when it comes to mentoring you. Therefore, while searching for a mentor, think about the people who already understand you and they can help you achieve your goals. Look for a connection within your circle and ensure the person you are looking for matches your goals and aspirations.

Prepare The Elevator Pitch

Now that you have identified the person you want to be your mentor, it is time to pitch them, and let them know about your aspirations. In your elevator pitch, remember to be clear of your goals. Do not forget to mention to the person why he or she is the right choice for you, and make it clear what you expect from the relationship. Note that if you are not clear about what you want, communication may not flow smoothly. Therefore, you could practice the elevator pitch and even talk to your friend to help you fine-tune the elevator pitch before approaching the potential mentor.

Nurture the Relationship

The number one tip to ensuring a great mentor-mentee relationship is taking time to connect with the other person. Therefore, get to know them from the time you arrange your first coffee meeting or the virtual meeting. Do not talk just about the work related topics, but also find out what he or she likes doing over the weekends. What hobbies are they interested in, and what books do they love to read? That type of conversations gives you both the chance to know each other and find out whether you are enjoying another’s company.

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Remember when you ask someone to your mentor, you are also asking him or her to invest his or her time in you. Therefore, whenever you plan meetings keep time, and show them that their time is well spent. Demonstrating the return on investment helps to keep the relationship growing. Therefore, you could prepare reports to keep them updated or even offer to help, where relevant.

Learn How To Be a Good Mentee

Therefore, you have found the perfect mentor, and you are working towards nurturing the relationship with your mentor. The more important thing is learning how to be a great mentee. Remember goals still matter throughout the mentorship process. Therefore, from the beginning of your relationship, make the goals clear, so that you stay on track.

Another important tip when it comes to mentorship is meeting consistently. Figure out how often it will be possible for you to host the meetings and keep time. Decide whether you or the mentor will send meeting requests, and share the calendars so that you are on schedule. Before each meeting, make sure there is a clear agenda, and be open for any changes.


We have looked at the tips to help you find the right mentor, and explained how to nurture the relationship with your mentor. Remember to keep the list of your goals clear, and be open to any feedback. Take notes of the meetings, and follow up with minutes via the email. Remember the mentor has chosen to invest time in you, and so you need to show equal return on investment.

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