Melyssa Davies – All You Need to Know

Melyssa Davies is a prominent American personality and the wife of American comedian, James Murray. It is through marrying Murray that she made the headlines. She has been photographed at many events holding her husband’s hand and accompanying him. The lovebirds attend many parties together and are the source of many gushing shots across papers. To know more about Melyssa Davies, give this article a look through. 

Who is Melyssa Davies?

Melyssa was born to Kim DiNofa Davies and Ed Davies on the 13th of March, 1995. She was born Melyssa Kim Davies in Pennsylvania where she spent her childhood. She has two siblings with whom she spent her early days. Reportedly, she is much closer to her mother than her father.

Presently, the world knows her as the wife of American comedian, James Murray. However, Melyssa has a few accomplishments of her own. She trained in nursing care and completed her nursing degree in 2018. By 2020, she was already performing her duties as a nurse in the geriatric and palliative unit. As reported by some sources, she was making a living of $70000 annually.

Furthermore, Melyssa is an avid dog lover and has a dog of her own by the name of Penny. She is pretty active on social media and posts pictures of herself with Penny on Instagram. Penny even has her own Instagram account which has 6000 followers. Good going, doggo!

Melyssa also involves herself with quite a few charities and is actively involved in social work. She has put herself behind several social causes in the recent past and is a passionate philanthropist.

How Did the Two Meet?

How Did the Two Meet

The two met supposedly back in 2018, when her husband’s novel, Awakened made its debut in New York. The two met and instantly hit it off. Melyssa still remembers their first date at a New York restaurant. Even though there’s a significant age gap between the two, that has never been a factor for the both of them.

Melyssa’s Love Life

Mellysa married her husband James amidst the pandemic back in 2020. People were expecting that they would tie the knot later rather than sooner, but they decided to do it anyway. Their wedding was attended by a handful of people, close family, and tight-knit friends. The lovebirds cut the cake at Lake House Inn in Bucks County in Pennsylvania. They are living happily together despite what the press might tell you. The 19 years age gap between the two astounded most people. However, when you are in love, age is just a number, right?

The couple looked dashing in their contrasting color-toned outfits. While James wore a stylish black suit with a bow tie, Melyssa looked radiant in a traditional long white gown along with a veil to match. They have been dating since 2018 and got engaged in 2019. They got married in September 2020 despite the pandemic being in full swing then. There are beautiful photos of James going down on one knee and kissing her hand on the wedding day. Talk about a romantic match! The couple went on to their honeymoon in the Maldives at the Soneva Jani Resort.

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Melyssa Davies’s Net Worth

By some estimates, Melyssa’s net worth is around a million dollars but it is not a confirmed number. Her husband, James’ net worth is in the ballpark of $7 million. 


This was all you need to know about Melyssa Davies. She is an avid dog lover with a passion for philanthropy. Melyssa is also a nurse by profession. She worked in the healthcare industry before she met her husband, whom she married in 2020. She is a star in the making and has a long way to go, so all the best to her!

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